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Write For Us Gemstone – Read And Follow Instructions!

Our research on Write for Us Gemstone will inform you of the measures of avoiding mistakes while writing the content.

Are you familiar with Gemstones? Do you know about different kinds of gemstones? If you can write on amazing gemstones, then we have a new golden chance for all the contributors to write on Write for Us Gemstone for Rationalinsurgent. Does this opportunity excite you? Moreover, if you have decided to grab this opportunity, then you should read the lucrative points that may help you while writing this post.

Working of Rationalinsurgent

Our platform focuses on multiple topics. Every piece of information shared on our platform is gathered by a talented team of contributors. The readers find our posts trending and authentic. You can also visit our site to know about politics, law, environment, investment, manufacturing, films, games, world news, war, artificial intelligence, tokens, influencer marketing, technology, books, metaverse, films, business, social development, economy, etc. All the topics are discussed only after researching properly.

Essential Points For Write for Us + Gemstone!

You must be wondering why writing a guest post is quite simple for everyone. When you read content online, it is quite easy, but it requires a lot of effort to work on the prescribed directions. We have shared some valuable directions that will help you also.

  • Try to focus on silly mistakes like spelling. Also, it is not permitted to share content having grammatical errors.
  • Our team does not accept poached content. Our most important rule is that the content should be free from piracy and it must be the first copy.
  • You need to add more informative details on the Gemstone Write for Us. Only factual data can be included and any irrelevant data must be exempted.
  • The characters prescribed for description are 96 to 160. The short description makes your content more unique.
  • Our team of editors wants good-looking content with a short introduction and conclusion. The combined length is prescribed to be 160 words.
  • One can only add two external links. Also, the links can be placed at a fixed distance of 70 or 80 percent of the total words.
  • The words between any two keywords cannot be less than 90 to 110 words. It is mandatory to give proper spacing between all the primary or secondary keywords in the “Write for Us” + Gemstone.
  • The spam factor cannot be increased to more than 3 percent. The external links must be checked first on online spam detector tools.
  • The core of the keywords must be clarified. The readers should understand the motto behind the primary keyword.
  • The links and keywords have to be highlighted using different colors. Use blue text color for internal links and keywords and green text color for external links.
  • The proper length of the guest article is 500 to 1000 words.

Headings for Guest Article

  • What do you mean by Gemstone?
  • Different Types Of Gemstones
  • Most Expensive Gemstones
  • Gemstone + “Write for Us”
  • Uses of Gemstones
  • Classification and Characteristics: Gemstone
  • How are Gemstones cut and polished?
  • What are artificial gemstones?
  • Some Rare Gemstones

This topic can have hundreds of subjects which you can choose and write on it.

Submission Of Post

If your guest post is ready, then you are required to submit it at this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Our team maximum takes 1 day to review each article and respond.


Summing up this post, you can start working on the guest article that shares illuminating details on Gemstone.

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