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Write For Us Crm – Read And Follow Guidelines Here!

This post will help the contributors to learn the proper format for writing the Write for Us CRM. Kindly read.

Do you know about customer relationship management? How is this process helpful in business management? If you can share your valuable thoughts on this topic, you must write a Write for Us CRM. The topic is nowadays trending so we have thought that you should be given a chance. It will help new contributors to showcase their writing skills. It is mandatory for new contributors that they must read the crucial tips on our site.

About Rationalinsurgent Platform

Rationalinsurgent is an online platform where the contributors share articles on trending niches. In return, the readers also get to read trending topics. We work on topics like sports, metaverse, technology, science, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, health, politics, education, environment, international updates, product reviews, investment, mutual funds, books, pets, law, manufacturing, industry, home decor, website reviews, etc.

Valuable Tips For Write for Us + CRM!

Contributors always seek information on multiple platforms to know about the guidelines of any online site. But, we always provide information at a particular destination. You can read the norms in this section. So, keep reading the post.

  • The senders should start researching the topic thoroughly. They must try to obtain factual attributes.
  • Any errors like grammar or spelling mistakes will not be accepted. It is good if you proofread the content before submitting it to us.
  • The contributors of the article should maintain a word gap between the operative words or keywords. The gap between operative words should be 90-110.
  • The CRM Write for Us should be one external links. Also, they ought to be placed after 70-80% post.
  • All the links and operative words must be highlighted so that readers may notice them. Internal links and watchwords must be blue. Whereas external links can be green.
  • You should write a minimum 500-word post and a maximum 1000-word size guest post article.
  • We prescribe to our readers that they must cross-check the spam score in an external link. It can range between 2-3 percent but not more than this.
  • The character length described for description is 96 to 160 characters. Kindly keep it short and informative.
  • The “Write for Us” + CRM must have a short introduction and conclusion. We want that they should be 160 words long altogether.
  • Any contributor picking offensive content for the guest post will be immediately disqualified. Your content can be based on some informative topic.
  • The score determined for your guest post article based on its readability is 90%. It can be more but not less than it.
  • To enhance the outlook of your post, the contributors may add photos related to your niche.
  • If the content has the same or repeated sentences or if any plagiarism is there, then we have the right to reject it.

Headings for this guest post

  • CRM + “Write for Us”
  • Full Form Of CRM
  • History and Types Of CRM
  • Effect on Consumer Satisfaction
  • How to improve CRM?

Ways To Submit the Post

The contributors are required to share the guest post with our team at this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. The team will respond to every contributor within the prescribed time limit. We reply within one day. So, the contributors can be patient and must not share the same guest post content with any other publisher.


Summing up this post, we hope that every contributor is clear with the authentic way of writing the CRM article. We feel glad in solving queries. So, kindly contact us anytime.

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