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Write For Us Construction – Evaluate The 2023 Rules!

Is your writing passion for knowledge on construction? We are here to present your writing experience to the vast digital landscape. Since real estate is a vast industry, people often want to get updates and follow the trend. 

You must first update your knowledge on the latest guidelines to make your content reach the target audience. Knowing about construction and spreading the ability for people passionate about the real estate industry will help you become an established and notable contributor. 

So, observe all the latest guidelines before forwarding us your Write For Us Construction post.

About Rationalinsurgent:

Rationalinsurgent is an internet portal that serves as a platform for many contributors who can exhibit their skills through content writing. We provide essential knowledge to people about almost every industry, including the construction and real estate market. 

Our platform publishes content on many industries, including technology, NFT, cryptocurrency, the latest news, and product and website reviews. It also provides knowledge on blockchain, home and garden, life improvement, lifestyle, and many other sectors through published posts.

Therefore, every writer with knowledge of construction can contribute their content to the industry or sector they are well-versed with. Our internet portal welcomes Write for Us + Construction contributors worldwide, irrespective of their qualifications, region, age, or skills. The most crucial thing required to contribute content is having quality writing skills and adhering to our latest rules and guidelines.

Latest Rules For Construction Topics:

Here we have listed the latest guidelines that every contributor of post on construction must carefully observe and follow in their content writing for us:

  • Topics on construction must be relevant and high quality, along with unique information about the industry.
  • Knowledgeable content on Construction Write for Us with details of the different elements used in construction, the plan and design, or the construction process will prove helpful for people looking to gain knowledge about it. 
  • The word count required in your posts must be from 1500 to 2000 words. So, avoid crossing the word limit or writing less than the required minimum words.
  • Your content’s language, words, or paragraphs must not indicate abuse, violence, aggression, or any other harmful or provoking words or lines. Such content faces immediate rejection.
  • You must write knowledgeable, helpful content explicitly associated with “Write for Us” + Construction in an accurate and precise tone and language.
  • The formatting and structure of your content must have a few bulleted content, relevant headings, sub-headings, and short paragraphs.
  • The font style in your content is 12, style Times New Roman, justified, and line spacing of 1.5.
  • Specific colors must also be used for keywords and external links. External links must be green and bold, while keywords must be blue and bold. You must maintain a word count gap of 80 to 90 words between all the keywords used or as directed by our editorial team.

SEO rules for Construction + “Write for Us” topic:

  • Grammarly scores needed in our construction posts are more than 98, and the external linking’s plagiarism percentage should be from one to three.
  • Engaging, relevant, and high-quality content has increased the potential to appear in the top search engine results (SERPs).
  • SEO-friendly content using transition words and following the best applicable practices is the best approach for reaching readers looking for posts on construction.
  • Content written in passive voice is often overlooked, and readers usually avoid going through the entire post. So, writing in a passive voice will maintain the reader’s interest and engagement.
  • Our editorial group often accepts grammar, plagiarism, and mistake-free content.
  • Give an intriguing title of 50 to 56 characters to your content.

What benefits do Construction “Write for Us” topic writers get?

  • The content posted through Rationalinsurgent’s network has the complete possibility of getting attention since our portal already has a broader audience reach.
  • Readers will appreciate your unique and quality content and share it with their associates who look for similar knowledge.
  • Recognizing and noticing are among the most essential advantages contributors achieve by posting their content on our internet portal.
  • Readers will return to get more information through your posts once engaged with them, and your content aligns best with their interests and requirements.

Topics to write on Write For Us Construction:

You can pick any topic below to write content on construction or any other one you choose. But, you need to provide relevant and topic associated specifically with construction.

  • Construction management
  • Construction Trends in 2023
  • Using advanced building materials for construction
  • Construction robotics
  • Building information modeling (IBM)
  • Sustainable construction approaches and practices
  • Safety management and quality assurance
  • Scheduling, control, and cost estimation
  • Project management
  • Integrating IoT, AR, and AI technologies in construction
  • Infrastructure, commercial, industrial, and residential construction
  • Phases and process of construction

How do you deliver write for us post?

Since poor writing skills indicated in your writing may have a higher chance of facing rejection. Therefore, you may go through some posts published on our network to get an idea of writing a post on Write for Us + Construction

Also, if you have fulfilled our latest writing criteria and guidelines, you must send your writing based on construction to our e-mail address provided in the conclusive part of this post. Our professional and experienced editors will assess the content and its relevance to the topic. 

When everything is maintained well and passed through the quality control team’s evaluation, they will connect and notify the publishing process.


Writing on construction necessitates knowledge of the subject, and publishing it on our network needs quality writing skills. Rationalinsurgent’s digital network gladly welcomes contributors to share the writing capabilities that they hone to let their information reach target audiences.

So, forward your construction-based topic to our official e-mail at info.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com and stand out among countless content contributors. 

Are you ready to get your Write For Us Construction topic posted on our internet portal?

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