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Write for Us Books: Check All The Benefits & Guidelines!

Share your writings for the Write for Us Books guest post if you are willing to do, and follow all the guidelines properly.

Are you a book lover? Do you love to read different types of books? What do you think about the benefits of reading a book? If you are searching for a platform where you can share your thoughts with worldwide readers, we have great news for you.

Today, we have come with a golden opportunity for all book lovers who want to share their thoughts with everyone. But, before that, you need to follow the Write for Us Books content to learn the guidelines.

About Us:

If you are a daily reader of global news, you must have heard about us. We have been in this field for so many years. We always try to cover all the news so that readers do not need to go anywhere. We provide different genres of news under one roof. We covered technology-related news, social media-related news, informative news, and many more.

Right now, we are searching for good writers who can provide quality full writing. But first, you need to follow our guidelines to get selected.

Guidelines for Write for Us + Books content:

  • Your content must be grammatical error-free.
  • Your writing should be 100% unique and plagiarism free. Do not copy-paste any other content.
  • The word limit of your written content must be between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Try to write in easy and understandable English. Do not use complicated words.
  • Try to avoid long paragraphs. Your writing should be short and crisp.
  • The spam score of your article must not be more than 3%.
  • Do not forget to mention genuine and authentic sources for your content.
  • Try to think about innovative ideas for your headings and subheadings. It should be catchy and relevant to your topic.
  • 90% of your article must be in active voice.
  • After completing 80% of the article, attach an external link related to the content and make it green and bold.
  • Any kind of aggressive or abusive words cannot be accepted.

Benefits you will get from the Books Write for Us guest post:

  • You can test your writing skills through SERP if you write for us.
  • Your content will be spread worldwide. Thousands of readers will be able to read your article.
  • You can attract more traffic through your writing.
  • If book lovers and authors find your content appropriate and innovative, they will be in touch with you.

Check out the topics you can write for “Write for Us” + Books guest post:

  • Benefits of reading a book.
  • Top 5 fantasy storybooks!
  • Critical appreciation of Pride and Prejudice.
  • Books you need to read at least once in your life.
  • How does a book help you to be a better human being?
  • Top 3 books that relate to real-life events.
  • Summary of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”
  • What kind of books attract gen z?

How to contact us for Books + “Write for Us” guest posts?

If you made up your mind to write for us, you need to follow the mentioned guidelines properly. Readable and attractive content attracts more and more readers.

So, if you can fulfill our requirements, share your unique and plagiarism-free content with us through our email address- team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Our support team will get back to you as soon as they check your content. If your article gets selected, our team will contact you, and you can share your writings with us on a daily basis.

Summing Up:

We suggest that you make sureto follow all the guidelines so that your content should not be rejected. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email address. We are attaching a link here that will help you understand the technique of writing a book review.

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