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Write For Us Airlines – Read And Follow Guidelines!

This post on Write for Us Airlines will help all the contributors to learn the facts related to Airlines. Kindly go through this post. 

Can you research different airlines? Our readers are researching a lot about airlines and how they can opt for the best airlines to travel to. So, if you can help them in this niche, you can write a Write for Us Airlines for our site and we will publish it on our page so that more readers can know the right way to book the right airline for themselves. But, if you have decided to share thoughts with us, kindly refer to the standards of Rationalinsurgent.

Details on Rationalinsurgent

Our page shares a beautiful bond between contributors and readers. In simple terms, both, contributors and viewers are dependent on each other. Every contributor try to seek information on various topics through the internet. They cover topics like games, manufacturing, online stores, gemstone, home decor, health, travel, CRM, influencer marketing, metaverse, updates on socialism, economy, well-being, celebrities, etc.

Norms For Write for Us + Airlines!

We have set some norms for all the contributors whether they are new or old, everyone needs to follow the guidelines. If you are scared of our standards before reading them, you should not be scared of them as they are so simple and easy to understand that anyone can follow them easily.

  • The senders are requested to verify the post using online tools like Grammarly that helps to correct spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • If you have taken a complete post from web pages, it will not be considered as it will be considered as a stolen post. We want 100% uniqueness in the Airlines Write for Us.
  • All the guest posts must be 500 to 1000 words long. We do not have extra lengthy or short articles.
  • Our website considers those external links having less than a 3 percent spam rate. Various sites are available that help in detecting the spam rate.
  • The links attached in the article cannot be placed before 70 percent of the post. There is a proper format to attach the link. So, in a thousand-word-long guest post, you can add two external links.
  • The contributors must try to cover important or realistic facts in the post.
  • You are bound to use easy-to-read and understandable language in the “Write for Us” + Airlines. Covering indecent topics that are unsuitable for youngsters, will be rejected.
  • The readability factor on the guest content cannot be less than ninety percent.
  • You should spotlight the central links or operative words in a blue shade. All the hyperlinks are the spotlight in a green shade.
  • The donors can also add images to the airlines’ posts. It will make the content eye-catching and the viewers are likely to spend more time.
  • Try to use sub-headings and bullets in the guest post so that readers can easily understand the subject.

Headings for Airlines Content

  • How do you define Airlines?
  • Airlines + “Write for Us”
  • Best and Affordable Airlines
  • Most Expensive Airlines
  • Top-Rated Airlines
  • How to Secure a Job in Different Airlines?
  • Is it safe to work on Airlines?

You can pick any interesting topic and start researching it. It is better if you choose some trending subject.

How to submit the content?

The contributors writing the guest post can submit the file after finishing this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. We would reply in a day.


Ending this post, the readers are requested to look for authentic details on Airlines.

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