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World Gym San Diego Reviews: Check What People’s Opinion About The Gym San Diego, And the Gym Chula Vista

Read consolidated details unavailable elsewhere about World Gym San Diego Reviews and ratings. Also, learn about the history and features of The Gym.

Did you know that the World Gym and The Gym are the same brands across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada? World Gym has a multinational presence in 600+ countries. Did you know that different locations of World Gym have different websites to inform prospective customers about specific facilities offered by a specific gym?

In this article, we will scrutinize features and ratings of Chula Vista and World Gym San Diego Reviews.


About World Gym:

The World Gym has 200+ franchises in the United States, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, US. is the parent and international website about physical fitness at their centres.

Joe Gold founded the Gold Gym in 1965. Later, he switched his business to a sea merchant and sold the Gold Gym and the rights of his name. But Joe regretted selling the Gold Gym. Hence, he started a gym in Santa Monica with the brand name World Gym. Later, The Gym was relocated to Marina Del Ray. 

After Joe died in 2004, the World Gym was closed. The Gym San Diego and all other World Gym centers are currently owned by the Cammilleri family since 2009.

Products and services:

World gym soon became one shop for all fitness requirements and bodybuilding goals. It has highly qualified physical trainers. It allows the customer to get counselled on their fitness goals! The World Gym offers:

  • Online physical fitness classes
  • Workout gear,
  • Sports bags, 
  • Water bottles, 
  • Nutrition products, 
  • Accessories, 
  • Gym clothing and apparel,
  • Physical exercise, 
  • Fitness and exercise facilities, 
  • Exercise classes, 
  • Fitness and nutrition seminars, 
  • Personal training in nutrition, 
  • Training in fitness, 
  • Mixed martial arts, 
  • Boxing and kickboxing. 
  • Contests for athletics, 
  • Bodybuilding,
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Burn fat training,
  • Strength training, and 
  • Small Group Training.

The Gym Chula Vista:

It is at 320 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista, CA, US-91910. Customer service is reachable at +1(619)947-6678, via email at, and is a location-specific website. The Chula Vista centre achieved 4.2/5 Google ratings from 223 reviews and 4.333/5 stars from 2,371 customers and Facebook reviews.

The Gym at San Yelp and San Diego:

The Gym at San Diego is located at 2949 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA, USA. Customer service is reachable at +1(858)272-3400. More than 1,779 customer reviews rated it at 4.067/5 stars. One YouTube review and TikTok review about Chula Vista centre are positive. It was rated at 4.2/5 stars by 223 users on Google reviews.

The Gym San Yelp is the term referred to reviews of businesses in San Diego (or) San Francisco. The world Gym at 290 De Haro St, San Francisco, is permanently closed.

Social media links:


The Gym facility at San Diego and Chula Vista has the latest and modern fitness equipment. Both centres operate from 4AM to 12AM(the next day) on weekdays and from 5AM to 9PM on weekends. Both locations have bike and private lot parking facilities. Website reviews of The Gym at both locations were positive.

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World Gym San Diego Reviews – FAQ

1Q. How much does The Gym charge its customers?

The membership fee, enrolment fee, and monthly charges were not provided online but can be requested via email.

2Q. Why are The Gym and World Gym brands so popular?

Because celebrities and famous bodybuilders, including Franco Columbu, Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Etc., used to do a workout there.

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