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Woof Token Solana (Nov 2021) Contract Address, Price

Please read this write-up to gain knowledge regarding the Woof Token Solana, the latest price and statistics of a deflationary crypto NFT marketplace.

Are you interested in a long-term investment in cryptocurrencies? Do you want to trade your digital arts as NFTs? Have you heard of the Woof marketplace and want to know more about it? Then, without further ado, please read this write-up to know the details.

In this report, we have mentioned facts regarding the Woof Token Solana and the NFT marketplace that works in a different approach from other models. Crypto traders worldwide, especially in the United States, are keen to learn about this project. 

What is Woof?

Woof is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) marketplace of digital trading arts as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Woof token is the native token of this ecosystem and runs on the Solana blockchain. The platform allows all token holders to conveniently buy or sell their NFTs without entry fees or excessive listing charges.

The fundamental principle of the project differs from the inflationary token crypto models as Woof Token Solana works on deflation. The initial maximum supply of the tokens was 1 trillion, and half of the remaining tokens after the airdrop are burned daily. This supports the long-term holders and sustains the maintenance of this venture. 

Founder of Woof

We could not find any information about the founders of this project on the Internet.

Woof Token Price Today

The latest value of this crypto coin is $0.00060923.

Woof Token Supply / Market Supply

Please find below the statistical information about this crypto coin, including live figures noted while writing this article. 

  • Market Cap Rank – 2854
  • All-Time High – $0.00253465 (acquired on 29 October 2021. Regarding the Woof Token Solana, the recent surge in price is essential data).
  • All-Time Low – $0.00000101(reached on 15 October 2021).
  • Market Cap – Unknown
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $994,654,629.59
  • 24-hour Trading Volume – $4,978,269
  • 24h Low / 24h High – $0.00027391 / $0.00253465
  • 7d Low / 7d High – $0.00000356 / $0.00200476
  • Circulating Supply – Unavailable
  • Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000,000 WOOF

How to Buy the Woof Tokens?

Please find the steps below to purchase these crypto coins on Raydium, one of the quickest and cheapest crypto exchanges. 

  • Buy the opening SOL coins required for exchange on Raydium and initiate the Woof Token Solana purchase. You can purchase SOL from exchanges like FTX, Huobi, Binance, etc.
  • Install a wallet that is compatible with Solana, like Coin98 and also the Solana wallet.
  • Go to Raydium and click on Swap from the top horizontal options.
  • On the top-right portion, click on Connect and select Coin98 wallet.
  • Once you connect, the portal will link your Solana and Coin98 wallets.
  • Choose the exchange pair WOOF/RAY from the dropdown. If this token is not enlisted in the wallet, add it via the smart contract address
  • Select the number of Woof coins to conclude the purchase.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) on Woof Token Solana

Q1. What is the smart contract address of this crypto token?

A1. The smart contract address of the Woof coin on Solana is 9nEqaUcb16sQ3Tn1psbkWqyhPdLmfHWjKGymREjsAgTE.

Q2. Is Woof available on social media?

A2. Yes. You can view the latest information about this project on Discord and Twitter.


The team aims to reward the users who have supported it since its first airdrop. Moreover, Woof’s Twitter page   portrays the gradual increase in the community. However, here is What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency to stay well informed. 

Have you invested in the Woof Token Solana? Please share your experiences below. 

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