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Wonderland Coin Price {Nov 2021} How To Buy? Chart

Read the blog and know the wonderland coin price, founder details, and relevant information before investing in this digital currency.

The craze of cryptocurrency is growing day by day. There are many digital currencies in the market, and most of them are very popular, and people do trade. 

But there is something that you know more about. So, we are giving you an idea about the wonderland coin. A new kind of cryptocurrency that is a decentralized process and protocol. The currency is already in the investor’s minds of countries like the United States and Canada

They are investing in the token and also know the features. We also find out the wonderland coin price and market tradition. 

What is this Digital Currency? 

As per our research, this token is available on the “Network Avalanche.” The network is also attached with the “Time” token. .The Time coin also has a specialized feature. It is also associated with the “Basket Assets,” It is backed by “Time Avax LP,” “MIM,” etc. coins. So, we can understand the security protocol that wonder has. 

Via the wonder coin, the traders can earn wealth and also get interested through the coin. So, you already understand that wonderland coin price has excellent power and it has market popularity. 

Check the Founder’s Details

Like the notification of the coin founders, they are anonymous. So, we don’t know the actual name of the founder(s). 

The token is incepted from “Defi” society. The main motto of the community is to be an autonomous and decentralized organization. So, they work on the process. 

As per our expert’s view, maximum decisions are taken by the core team of the coin community. But we don’t have any clue who these members are. But financial experts have appreciated their work processes and also the market scenario of the wonderland token. The coin is famous in Australia and the United Kingdom also due to these reasons. 

Know the wonderland coin price and Market Demography

  • Price : $ 8,888.22
  • Circulated Ratio: 55,994 TIME
  • Total Circulation: 184,350 TIME
  • Maximum Flow: NA
  • Market Dominant: 0.02%
  • Volume: $141,234,892.95
  • Capitalization : $141,234,892.95
  • Rate per Day: No Data
  • Last day low/ Last day high: $8,516.09/ $9,673.51
  • ROI: Not Available
  • Grade: 2745
  • Rate Change Value (24 Hours): $-577.68
  • Fully Diluted Securities: 1,638,543,559.76
  • 30 day High/30 day Low: $14,185.38/ $6,196.14
  • Highest Rate : $12,898.94
  • Lowest Rate: $513.39

Information is changing 

Why Should You Buy this Coin? 

  1. One should buy for a wonderland coin price. It offers a high price rate.
  2. By trading, this coin one can grow their stake. 
  3. You win interest that is compound if you invest in a wonderland coin. 
  4. Maintain specialized security protocols. 
  5. Protected by DeFi. 

How Do You Buy the Wonderland Token? 

As per our examination, there is no such protocol to buy this digital money. There are some ways that one can buy the token. 

  1. Mining the Wonderland- It is a first step that one can earn to wonderland. 
  2. Staking- By returning the coins, one can make more wonderland tokens from the market. 

By knowing the wonderland coin priceone can invest in the coin. 


  • Why is Wonderland Coin Trending in the Market? 
  1. It offers profits and a good amount of stake to the investors. That is the main reason that wonderland is so trending in the investment sector.
  1.  How Do I Deal with Wonderland Crypto? 
  2. Buyers can trade in three ways—selling, mining and staking.  

Last Discussion

In recent times, investors have had an interest in the wonderland token. The cryptocurrency is given an excellent price ratio, positive market views and profit to the investors. But, before investing in wonderland coin price, you should take an expert’s advice.

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