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Wolfi Token (Feb 2022) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

The article below shares all information associated with Wolfi Token to help readers know about this deflationary token’s unique features and functionality.

Wolfi crypto-token, the unique deflationary and auto-staking cryptocurrency, is known for its unique features.

Its unique functions provide Wolfi crypto token holders Worldwide with a distinctive and straightforward method to earn rewards directly into their wallets.

Once you decide to stake or farm Wolfi Token, you may go through the guide below and find its valuation, analysis, and statistics.

What exactly is Wolfi crypto?

The community-focused, Wolfi crypto token is an auto-staking deflationary digital currency with immediate rewards that combine the memes’ power with genuine charitability and utility.

According to the contract, about two percent of every transaction generates liquidity, and five percent of every transaction is delivered to the dead address.

Besides, approximately a two percent distribution of every transaction of Wolfi crypto token is automatically received by the Wolfi crypto token holders.

Who founded Wolfi Token?

Presently, Wolfi’s online platform has not disclosed information for its creators. So, you can keep checking once the details are revealed.

Price of Wolfi crypto token:

  • Price- 0.0000029 USD
  • Low in 24 Hours- 0.00000005121 USD
  • High in 24 Hours- 0.000004331 USD
  • Trading Volume in 24 Hours- 408 591 USD
  • All-Time High- 0.000004331 USD 
  • All-Time Low- 0.000000007628 USD
  • Market Cap- 25 501 599 USD
  • Circulating Supply- 9 000 000 000 000 WOLFI crypto tokens
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- 25 827 622 USD 
  • Total Supply- 7 167 581 137 207 WOLFO crypto tokens
  • Maximum Supply of Wolfi Token – 9 000 000 000 000 WOLFI crypto tokens
  • Contract Address- 0xe1c68e6f3dafee1cdd6c1a73d01a6ca86153dc23
  • Rank- # 3501

Wolfi to USD conversion rate:

Wolfi’s conversion rate to USD is mentioned below:

  • 1 Wolfi = 0.0000029 USD
  • 2 Wolfi = 0.0000057 USD
  • 3 Wolfi = 0.0000086 USD
  • 4 Wolfi = 0.000011 USD
  • 5 Wolfi = 0.000014 USD
  • 10 Wolfi = 0.000029 USD
  • 20 Wolfi = 0.000057 USD
  • 50 Wolfi = 0.00014 USD
  • 100 Wolfi = 0.00029 USD

Wolfi crypto Token Price Prediction:

The current price of the Wolfi crypto token is about  0.0000029 USD, having the trading volume for Wolfi Token in the past 24 hours of about 408 591 USD.

Its ranking over the crypto world is # 3501, with around 25 501 599 USD live market cap and a maximum supply of about 9 000 000 000 000 WOLFI crypto tokens.

In total, there are about 7 167 581 137 207 WOLFO crypto tokens and around 9 000 000 000 000 WOLFI crypto tokens in circulation.

Is the Wolfi crypto token a good investment?

Wolfi crypto coins make its holders earn rewards without farming or staking on other online portals with several distinctive features and functions.

It helps save Wolfi Token holders money on gas and provides worry-free compounding.

Where to buy Wolfi crypto token?

If you wish to invest in or trade Wolfi crypto tokens, Pancake Swap (V2) is currently the best and leading crypto exchange to trade or swap with.


  • What is the all-time high of Wolfi crypto token?

Ans- The all-time high of Wolfi crypto token is approximately 0.000004331 USD.

  • What is the all-time low of Wolfi crypto token?

Ans- The all-time low of Wolfi crypto token is about 0.000000007628 USD. You may tap here to know more about the Wolfi crypto token.


Wolfi Token is an auto-deflationary, the unique virtual currency where the share distributed to the dead address creates an ever-increasing value floor for traders and investors.

Since twenty percent of the total supply was burned into a dead address from the start, the LP remained frozen for ten years. Also, check through the details here to find Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

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