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[Unedited] Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter, Telegram, Reddit

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Is the investigation on the Wisconsin Volleyball Team matter over now? Who is the culprit for leaking pictures? When the uncensored pictures went viral on the internet, everyone was shocked and the female players faced criticism. The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter has gone viral Worldwide and the team members are still facing trouble as the culprit is still out of reach.

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Link of Graphics Leaked On Reddit, Twitter, Telegram

People who are searching for links to leaked pictures of female students must tell the readers that all the pictures are removed from official sources. So, we cannot provide any link that shows the private or uncovered pictures of female athletes. Some users of Twitter are sharing the uncensored pictures, but we hope that actions will be taken against them. 

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Pictures Viral On Reddit: Investigation

The investigation is still under process. This matter is being investigated by the Police Department of the University of Wisconsin. Lovicott, the Executive Director, said that it is a unique matter as the name of various famous team members is linked to this case and they will not leave this matter easily. The investigation has reached an outcome and they found two account holders of Twitter and Reddit, Itsfunnydude11 and 4chan guilty of posting uncensored pictures of the females on their accounts. Their accounts are removed from social media and we cannot reach their accounts. 

Did UW Authority pay attention to the incident of leaked images on sources like Telegram?

Of course, the authorities are considering this matter very gravely. They immediately took action after the students reported it. The authorities instructed the sources who published the pictures to get removed. As a result, these pictures and the accounts that posted the pictures were taken down. 

According to the officials, sharing any explicit or uncensored pictures without consent is illegal and criminal. Strict actions will be taken against those who have shared the pictures. 

Women’s Reaction To Leaked Pictures

The female players got to know on October 20, 2022, that their private pictures were leaked online. After realizing Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter, they had a match against Michigan on the same day after a few hours. But, they faced the competition like true-spirited players and won the match. They did not let their morale go down. 

Who is blamed for leaking uncensored pictures?

As per online sources, some revealed that the private pictures were leaked from the phone of one of the Volleyball players. The player was questioned, but she denied it and said that she was not involved in leaking pictures and did not have any idea if the pictures were leaked. But, the officials claimed that she is out of the doubt and it is believed that some hacker might be responsible for the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter, after they have hacked the mobile phone. 

Around 40 images and videos were leaked and out of these 26 pictures and videos were posted on Itsfunnydude11’s account. 

We hope that the real culprits will be revealed soon and the girls will be back to their normal life. 


We have revealed all important facts on the latest update of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. One should stop circulating such pictures online.

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When were the pictures leaked on the internet?

Ans. The pictures were leaked on October 20, 2022.

  1. When did the girls notice that their pictures were leaked?

Ans. The girls came to know about the leaked pictures on the same day they were uploaded.

  1. Which match was won by the team in November 2021?

Ans. The team became the champions of the Big Ten.

  1. How many pictures were leaked online?

Ans. 26 pictures were leaked through Itsfunnydude11. In total, 40 images and videos were leaked.

  1. Is the investigation for the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Link Viral On Twitter over?

Ans. No, the police department is still reviewing this matter.

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