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[Original] Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit: Are Images Unedited, Pictures Link Accessible?

The above blog discusses the details of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit and other case elements.  

Are you searching for recent and relevant information about the leaked videos and pictures of the women’s volleyball team and want to know the details? Want to know the current happenings of the matter? This case is gaining the attention of people Worldwide

This post discusses every aspect of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit incident and other related stuff to the women’s team. Continue reading the article toward the end to have a better understanding. 

Details of the case 

According to our research, we have found that on 19th October 2022, a leak of several photos and videos of the women’s team at Wisconsin University happened. Those graphic contents were highly personal and private. So, a leak is even more questionable. 

UW officials are currently conducting the investigation. Suspension of phone hacking is considered, but something still needs to be confirmed; all team members are suspended. 

What are the Images Unedited of the Women’s team leaked? 

The images and videos are still available on Twitter but are removed from other platforms like Reddit, Instagram, etc. It was removed but posted again as someone has the original link to the content. The official Twitter link is given

UW officials and the University board have requested people to boycott and report such content being shared without the concerned party’s consent.

Even though the images available have been blurred, sharing such private photos without consent is still a crime. The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit has around twelve girls present, which means all twelve players need to have consented for the photos to be published. 

What are the new updates on the case? 

Investigation takes a new turn every day as the account of itsfunnydude11 found the recent leak, and it was suspended immediately. As per the statement of Marc Lovicott, the executive director of the University Board, thorough research is going on on every person who is related to the team, and they are doing their best to find out the culprit. But as the Pictures got posted again, the main culprit seemed to be someone else. 

Many people also suspect that it is done to damage the team’s reputation and affect them psychologically. The police have not yet revealed any new progress in the case because of security reasons. We will have to wait until the police make an official statement. 

When did the images get leaked? 

On 19th October 2022, someone posted private pictures of the women’s volleyball team at Wisconsin University. A total of 40 photos and videos were there. The team reported the same to the University officials. 

It was found that the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit was taken during the big ten tournaments, which happened last year in November 2021. The girls celebrated their win and clicked some topless pics for fun. Those are the same pictures that went viral on the internet. 


The case is still under investigation as the main culprit has not been caught yet, but we are hopeful that it will be resolved soon. 

The girls have ignored any negativity and decided to focus on the upcoming games. Also, click here to check the regular Roster updates on the official portal

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Actual Photos Reddit: FAQs

Q.1 From which University were the student’s Volleyball team players? 

The women’s volleyball team belongs to Wisconsin University.

Q.2 When were the leaked videos and photos taken? 

The photos were taken last year in November 2021 during the win in a big tournament. 

Q.3 When did the leak happen?

It got leaked on 19th October 2022 on various social media platforms. 

Q.4 Who was the culprit of the leaked photos? 

At one point, the authorities suspected itsfunnydude11 as the real culprit, but now it seems to be someone else, and the UW officials are investigating the matter.

Q.5 What is the suspension of the authorities? 

Phone hacking is the reason considered behind the leaks of such photos. 

Q.6 Are the members of the volleyball team under suspension? 

According to the board’s statement, they said that they have trust in their players. So no, none of the players are under suspension. 

Q.7 Under what name does the team play? 

The team plays under the name of the Wisconsin Badgers Women’s Volleyball Team.

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