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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored: Find Which Pictures, Images, And Video Are leaked Of Laura Schumacher And Other Team members On Reddit And Twitter!

This post on the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored will inform the readers on the matter related to the leaked pictures of the students.

Were the uncensored pictures leaked willingly to outshine the female athletes? Were the female athletes broken after this incident? People are continuously talking in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other parts about the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored. This post will guide the reader’s everything about this incident. So, kindly check out this write-up till the end and know about this incident. 


Which Pictures Of Wisconsin Volleyball Were Leaked?

Wisconsin Volleyball Team had gone through a massive shock when the private pictures of the student players were leaked online. The uncensored pictures were leaked on several online platforms. The pictures were clicked back in November 2021 when the team won Big Ten Title. A Twitter account holder, Itsfunnydude11, was blamed for leaking such pictures. The matter came into the limelight on October 20, 2022, and the students noticed this injustice very well. 

Laura Schumacher Volleyball

Have you heard this name before? Recently, after the pictures were leaked online, Laura Schumacher gained mass popularity as she was one of the team members whose pictures were leaked online. Many people have not heard this name before, but after this incident, people are talking about her. She is also a Volleyball player who plays for Wisconsin Volleyball Team. Her pictures and videos were also leaked. 

Along with her, there was a group photo and video that was leaked. Around 26 images were leaked by Itsfunnydude11 who uploaded the pictures on his Twitter.

Are the Leaked Pictures removed?

As per reports, these pictures were leaked on October 20, 2022. On the same day, the female athletes noticed the pictures. As a result, they complained to the UWPD, and soon after that these pictures were deleted and the account that uploaded these pictures was suspended. Two accounts were found guilty of this offensive act. 

How did the University of Wisconsin react to this matter?

Not only netizens and female students reacted angrily, but the University of Wisconsin and the police department were also shocked after they came to know about this matter. The UWPD department said that it is their duty to provide up-to-mark facilities and assistance to their students. The Images of the girls were leaked on several platforms. They took immediate action and Twitter officials immediately removed those pictures. 

Progress in Investigation

The Madison Police Department has not taken this matter lightly. They did not focus on just a single matter where the pictures were leaked, but they opened the files of other such matters where the pictures of the student-athletes were leaked previously. They might want to know the similarity in those cases. The police team has found two people guilty of leaking the uncensored pictures online. The main source was Itsfunnydude11 who uploaded the girls’ private videos and Pics online. Another source that misused these pictures was 4chan. It was found that Itsfunnydude11 posted 26 images. The team has directed authorities to suspend the accounts on Twitter and Reddit.

Why everyone is talking about Itsfunnydude11 and 4chan?

As per our research, these were the accounts that posted the Uncensored pictures of female students of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. That’s why these two accounts are trending. Twitter officials have suspended their accounts. And we cannot reach these users. 

Were The Students Affected By This Incident?

The pictures were leaked on October 20, 2022, 24 hours before they had a match against Michigan. Every Picture was spotlighted on several online platforms. The matter might have affected the girls, but they did not let their morale go down and stood strong in the match. They won the match against Michigan on the same day. Their spirit to win the match was not affected by this incident. 

Is the Investigation end?

No, the investigation is still under process. The culprits are yet to be caught. The Police Department of the UW is burning the midnight oil to identify the suspect and who handles such accounts. We will inform the readers once the matter is solved and the real culprits are handcuffed.

Is the Video Reddit still available?

Several online sites have leaked pictures of female students. On Reddit, all the pictures and videos are deleted now. Almost videos and images from every source are removed. It is a good gesture, but some people are still forwarding the pictures personally.

About Wisconsin Volleyball Team

The head coach of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team is Kelly Sheffield. It has a nickname, Badgers. The team has reached Elite Eights twelve times in the NCAA. They have participated in various tournaments like the NCAA tournament, Big Ten Conference, etc. They also won many titles and stood at Rank #1. After the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored, the team became the topic of gossip for many people. We hope that the matter will be closed soon after the culprits are caught. 

Wrapped updates on this matter!

  • After the police investigation, it was found that the explicit and uncensored photos were leaked from the mobile phone of one of the team members of the Volleyball team.
  • The player is not under suspicion as she did not know if the photos were leaked from her mobile. 
  • It is believed that the phone of the female player was hacked by some unknown source.
  • The suspect uploaded the pictures on Reddit and Twitter accounts. But, these accounts were identified and suspended later on.
  • The UW and Police Department is still investigating and trying to reach the real culprits who might have hacked and acquired such pictures. 
  • The girls were not affected by this and tried to focus more on their upcoming games. They also won the match against Michigan after their pictures were leaked. 
  • Laura Schumacher also started trending on several online sources as she was one of those players whose pictures and videos were also leaked. 
  • Two accounts were suspended. These were Itsfunnydude11 and 4chan. Itsfunnydude11 was the one who primarily leaked the 26 images of the girls.
  • The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored were removed from all the internet sources now. 

NOTE: All the valuable information is taken from web sources. We will update your more on this matter once the investigation is over. One can trust these details as they are taken from authentic sources.


Summing up all the details, we have shared every fruitful information on this subject. One can check if photos are deleted on Reddit here.

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of videos and pictures were circulated online?

Ans. The uncensored, private, and uncovered pictures of Female students of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team were circulated online.

Q2. When did the female students notice that their pictures were leaked?

Ans. The female students notice the same day when these pictures were uploaded. These pictures were leaked on October 20, 2022. 

Q3. What did the Police say on this matter?

Ans. The police found that the pictures were leaked from the mobile of one of the players. But, the girl was not blamed as her phone was hacked by some unknown person.

Q4. How many Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored leaked?

Ans. As per online sources, Itsfunnydude11 leaked 26 images and videos. While in total, around 40 images were leaked.

Q5. Were the female students affected by the leaking of their pictures?

Ans. The girls seem to be concerned about this matter and reported to the department immediately. But, they did not let their morale go down. They won the match against Michigan on the same day when their pictures were leaked.

Q6. What steps did UWPD take?

Ans. They immediately instructed the officials to take down the pictures from all the online sources. The matter was given to Madison Police Department to find the culprit.

Q7. Are Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored removed?

Ans. Yes, the pictures were removed. But, some people are still circulating such pictures personally.

Q8. Who is Laura Schumacher? 

Ans. Laura Schumacher is one of the Volleyball players of the Wisconsin Team whose uncovered and private pictures and videos were leaked online. 

Q9. When were these pictures taken?

Ans. These pictures were taken back in November 2021. They took such pictures and videos out of the excitement of winning the Big Ten.

Q10. What is the nickname of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team?

Ans. It has been given Badgers as its nickname.

Q11. Who is the head coach of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team?

Ans. As per Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored, Kelly Sheffield is the head coach of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team.

Q12. Was this act against the policies of the University of Wisconsin?

Ans. Of Course, yes! The official statement by UWPD shows that this matter was against the law of the University.

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