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Winter Bears NFT (Sep) Price, Prediction & How To Buy!

Read this article to explore an NFT and also reveal from the pointers mentioned whether Winter Bears NFT are worth the investment or not.

Have you heard of winter bears before? Is this worth the investment? Do you also invest in cryptocurrencies? Are you looking for knowledge about these newly launched tokens?

In this article below about Winter bears, we will explore a few facts for the token launched in the United States. The token for the same is found in limited quantity and is sold out for now.

Read the pointers mentioned in the headers below to explore Winter Bears NFT and reveal if it is worth the investment or not.

What are Winter Bears?

If you are searching for the collection of polar bears’ NFT, this token is worth your investment. This is a collection of 10,000 adorable polar bears, which is available on the ETH blockchain.

Each of these bears in the collections is unique, created differently, with over 150 features in all of them.

These bears are known to play a prominent role in the Art Club. Art club is thus the new and upcoming Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). DeFi Pioneers, therefore, develop Winter Bears NFT.

Pricing of the Token:

According to the available online information, the token for winter bears NFY was traded more than 9400 times in the last week or 7 days. The total estimated sales volume for the token is around $7.9 million. According to this data, the estimated price for each bear is calculated to be about $833.1.

According to the data mentioned on the website, each of these winter bears costs around 0.03 ETH. They have mentioned that these have stocked out for now, but the visitors still can trade with them on the Open Sea.

Winter Bears NFT Road Map:

Based on the data extracted from the website, the below-mentioned points will help you get a clear and better clarity about the token:

  • 25% of the total minted winter bears airdrop is transferred to the three lucky holders of the token.
  • 50% of the minted animated winter bears are animated in the short movie.
  • 75% of the minted receipt are taken for merch store and giveaways.
  • 100% of the total stamped token holder party with the live prize and DJ session.

What are the future perspectives of the token?

The Winter Bears NFT website says that the launch for this token is just the starting of something powerful that is yet to be launched. The developer’s team also has found an established background named under DeFi Pioneers.

The team is coming up with the newly launched brand now, and the same will now support emerging artists and empower and reward their community members.

Winter Bears association with Charity Funds:

The token has also been donating some of its amounts to charitable purposes. They have mentioned that the donation amount will be $40,000 to She’s.

To join Winter Bears NFT, players or visitors need to join the discord to learn more about their community and support the local charities for more returns and benefits.

FAQs about Winter Bears:

  • How to adopt the NFT?

Players need to connect their MetaMask wallet and go for the adoption of atleast 20 bears in their first transaction. For this, they need to have enough ETH covering the gas costs too.

  • How to join the discord?

Players need to follow the Twitter account for the token to join the community, and all they need to do is say hi to the discord community.

  • Are Winter Bears NFT supporting the charity?

As already mentioned, the NFT is currently donating a fixed amount for the charity.

Final Verdict:

After going through all the available information about the token, we can conclude not many links are supporting or providing the information for the same. To trade with the same, players or investors can purchase the same through Open Sea.

The attached link for Winter Bears Official Website   will help you explore more about the token’s history.

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