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Willa Jonas Video: Why Willa Jonas Face Photo Going Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Check Youtube & Twitter Links Now!

The Willa Jonas Video posted on Instagram got massive attention on social media. Check here to know about its availability and more information.

Do you know about the Jonas brothers? They are always gaining the limelight on social platform. Their talent is amazing, and they have extraordinary followers. Jonas’s family posts their stories on social media and is always active. So, people from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom regularly connect to them.

But, Joe Jonas and his wife do not prefer to get media attention for their children. Now, their daughter, Willa Jonas Video got trending on social media. Do you know how? Get the entire news in the sections down.


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The trending Willa Jonas clip

On 1st May 2023, Sophie Turner, wife of Joe Jonas, mistakenly uploaded a video of their daughter Willa Jonas on the Instagram platform. She immediately realized that she had uploaded the wrong post and deleted it after some time.

More about the clip

In the clip, it was seen that Willa Jonas was seen with a dog filter on her face. The two-year kid shook her tongue cutely. In the background, Sophie was heard saying Good Morning.

The video was shoot by Sophie Turner and uploaded mistakenly by her. Some netizens circulated the video, which got numerous comments. People started mentioning that Willa Jonas Face

was similar to her father’s. They also stated that she has loads of energy.

We were curious to get a picture of Willa Jonas and share it with our readers. Regrettably, it is not available on any platform. 

What statement does Sophie Turner provide?

Sophie Turner took to her Instagram account and uploaded a statement saying it was an honest mistake. The video got Viral On Redditand followers circulated on all social networks. Hence, she requested her fans to delete the footage if they had it. 

Through her statement, she also says that their children have a full right to live their life with privacy. Sophie is not interested in making their children public figures at this tender age. 

This British actress concludes her statement by requesting her followers that she would appreciate if they remove all the posts related to Will Jonas. After this post, most of her fans who reposted it on Twitter respected her decision and removed it immediately. 

Hence, there are no sources that have a duplicate of the video that was posted mistakenly by Sophie.

About Willa Jonas

Willa Jonas is a two-year-old kid who will soon be three. She was born on 22nd July 2020 in Los Angeles. Her mother’s name is Sophie Turner, a renowned English actress, and her father is Joe Jonas, an American singer, actor, and songwriter. Willa Jonas has a little sister who was born in July 2020. 

Willa Jonas photos are not available on the internet. However, few moments were captured by media people. But, the pictures of Willa were hidden or blurred due to their humble request to maintain Willa’s privacy.

Sophie Turner Wikipedia

  • Full name: Sophie Belinda Jonas
  • Date of birth: 21st February 1996
  • Age: 27-year-old
  • Profession: actress
  • Parents: Eddie Turner and Sally Turner
  • Nationality: British.
  • Net worth: $10 million dollars

Sophie is active on her Instagram account with 14.5 million followers. But she does not have an account on TiktokHowever, she has massive followers worldwide.

Joe Jonas Wikipedia

  • Full name: Joseph Adam Jonas
  • Date of birth: 15th August 1989
  • Age: 33-year-old
  • Profession: songwriter, singer, and actor 
  • Parents: Denise Jonas and Kevin Jonas
  • Nationality: American.
  • Net worth: $55 million dollars

The clip of Megan got circulated on the internet through social platforms like TelegramHowever, it is not available now.

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Many people love Willa Jonas despite not knowing her face. The mistakenly uploaded post urged many to repost it on social platforms. Unfortunately, the request from Sophie to remove the clip got attention and is unavailable now.

Were you the lucky one to watch the video? Tell us in the comments.

Willa Jonas Video: FAQ

Q1. How many children do Joe and Sophie have? 

Q2. Who are the other celebrities who advocate for their children’s privacy? 

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Chris Pratt, and Diane Kruger

Q3. What is the name of Sophie and Joe’s second child?

The name is kept private.

Q4. Is Willa Jonas’s clip available on Youtube? 


Q5. Does Joe Jonas share any statement after a mistake of Sophie?


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