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Wilkodiscount.com: Explore The Legitimacy Of The Site!

This research on Wilkodiscount.com will help you understand the authenticity of the Wilkodiscount store better. So, please read it here.

Do you wish shopping home and garden products at a heavy discount? The customer can buy it from Wilkodiscount.com. The Wilko discount site is talked about by many shoppers in the United Kingdom. You should know about the legitimacy of the site so that you can interpret if the discounts and coupon codes offered on this website are safe or not. Kindly read all the essential details.

About Wilkodiscount Site! 

Wilko Discount is an online site where shoppers can purchase various kinds of home and garden tools. But what makes it a unique site than any other site? This site is different from other sites as it offers all the products at a discounted price. This site offers customers various coupon codes. However, the Wilkodiscount.com site cannot be reached easily as when we opened the layout of the site, it showed that the site is not reachable. 

Moreover, when you refresh the site, it will show you a warning sign in the red background in which it is mentioned that the site is not safe and it shows red flags. The note clearly says that there is a deceptive site ahead. Another warning that is given by the site is that Wilkodiscount may ask you to install any software or reveal the personal information of the user. You should stay alert while opting for this site for shopping.

Check If The Wilko Discount Scam Site

The shoppers must learn if the site is a legitimate place to shop or not. This can be understood by the following factors discussed below: 

  • Trust Index: The Wilko discount store has a 1.7 percent trust index on it. It seems to be a perilous store.
  • Registration Date: The Wilko discount store was created on August 28, 2023. It was registered four days ago. 
  • Data Security: The HTTPS server is not detected on the store. Thus, it does not protect the data of the customers. 
  • Phishing Score: The site has a 22 out of 100 score based on phishing. 
  • Malware Mark: The Wilkodiscount.com site has an 80 percent malware count. 
  • Social Media Networks: There is no profile on social media, but some posts are there on Facebook and Instagram claiming it to be a scam.
  • Reviews By Shoppers: There are no such reviews present online. Its official site is unreachable. 

DISCLAIMER: We have given all the important facts of permissibility after researching it online. The readers must read all the factual details and then decide to shop from this online store.

Opinions Of The Buyers! 

We have not recognized any customer opinions on the Wilkodiscount site. People asking about if Wilko Discount Scam or a legit site will find that the shop does not have a profile on social media. Social media channels have some posts shared by different users claiming that it is a scam and one should not fall for such coupons and discounts offered by them. You need to be alert while you are shopping for any product from this site. Shoppers can also look for ways to avoid Credit card Scamming.


Wrapping up this site, we found that the Wilko discount shop was registered four days ago and the trust index is poor. The site does not look legit as its layout is not working. Shoppers can also look for ways to avoid PayPal Scamming. Kindly check more facts on Wilkodiscount’s Social Media posts here.

Is Wilkodiscount.com a legit site? What are your opinions on this? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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