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Do you know about Darrell Brooks? Do you know about his crimes? If not, then you can read about him on this page. Numerous people from various counties like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are shocked after hearing about Darrell. People wants to know more about him. So we have collected some details regarding Wiki Darrell Brooks 2022 and articulated them in this article.

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Who is Darrell Brooks?

Darrell Brooks is a criminal from America. Darrell was convicted of several crimes including cocaine possession, domestic violence, physical offending, and homicide. Darrell had been in jail for around two years. As per the records, he spent several years in work release court mandate, anger management programs, and on probation.

Darrell was arrested on 2 November in Milwaukee as he punched the mother of his child in a room of a hotel. Then he followed her in his car in a gas station’s parking lot and hit her with his SUV. 

Video Darrell Brooks Rap

On the fourteen days of trial, a rap video was displayed in the courtroom. A rap video was displayed in front of the jurors late Thursday. The video featured Darrell and SUV which is linked to the Christmas parade incident. The video ignited a heated exchange between Darrell and Dorrow.

 In 2019, the video was published by Darrell Brooks online, and presented by the prosecutor in the courtroom. Casey, the lead detective testified that the person visible in security footage which was played earlier is the same person in the current Video Darrell Brooks Rap. This created a heated exchange between the two parties. 

Christmas Parade Attack 

On November 2021, Darrell Brooks ran his SUV car in a Christmas parade. The tragedy made several losses. Six people lost their lives in this incident. Sixty-two people lost their lives in this tragedy.  He faced seventy-seven charges for the Christmas parade tragedy. The charges sixty-one charges for safety reckless endangering, first degree. 

Six charges of intentional homicide first degree. His further charges include six charges of hit and run that resulted in death. Two charges of Bail felony jumping and two charges of misdemeanor battery. 

Wiki Darrell Brooks 2022 

Darrell Brooks, as we told in the above sections is a criminal and had committed several crimes. He took the life of several people. He heated his partner for not paying bail amount to get him out of jail. He killed six people in the Christmas parade. 

Currently, his trial for Christmas parade attack is going on. The trial started on 3 October 2022 and is expected to end on 28 October 2022. On the fourteen day of his trial, Darrell showed his emotional side. The prosecutor also played some videos claiming Darrell in them according to reports on Wiki Darrell Brooks 2022.

Victims of Darrell Brooks attack

We have found a list of names of victims that had been attacked by the serial killer Darrell Brooks. People of different age groups were attacked by Darrell. So let’s know the names of the victims: 

  • Tamara Durand, age 52
  • LeAnna Owen, age 71
  • Wilhelm Hospel, age 81
  • Jackson Sparks, age 8
  • Jane Kulich, age 52
  • Virginia Sorensen, age 79


You can read more about Darrell Brooks on this page.

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Wiki Darrell Brooks 2022: FAQS

Q.1 Who was Darrell Brooks? 

Darrell is a serial murderer. He drove the car in the Christmas parade due to which sixty-two people were injured and six were killed. 

Q.2 What is the full name of Darrell Brooks?

The full name of Darrell Brooks is Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.

Q.3 What is the occupation of Darrell Brooks?

Darrell Brooks is formally a rapper. 

Q.4 When is Darrell Brooks’s trial?

Currently, Darrell Brooks’s trial is going on. 20 October 2022, was the fourteenth day of the trial.

Q.5 When will the trial end?

The trial will end on 28 October 2022 as per Wiki Darrell Brooks 2022.

Q.6 When was Darrell Brooks born and what is his age?

Darrell Brooks took birth on 2 February 1982 and he is 39 years old as per the online sources. 

Q.7 Do Darrel Brooks have any Alias? 

Yes, Darrell Brooks is also known as MathBoi Fly. 

Q.8 When did the Christmas Parade attack in Waukesha happen?

The Christmas Parade attack incident happened on 21 November 2021. 

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