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Wifedoge Chart (Sep 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares live price data and market stats of a crypto coin based on the live Wifedoge Chart online.    

DogeCoin needs no introduction as it is one of the trending Crypto coins in the market. Now, Doge is not alone as it has got a companion called WIFEDOGE. WIFEDOGE is the new cryptocurrency that is designed to help DOGE holders make more money in the market.

The crypto coin lets you earn money automatically when you start holding it, and there is a punishment system for the betrayers. The WIFEDOGE will reward them for staying with the coin and punish those who abandon her. 

Now investors in the United States want to see the Wifedoge Chart for a wise investment.    

What is Wifedoge?

Wifedoge is the new Cryptocurrency and launched as the wife of the popular coin, DOGE. The coin claims to be the wife of DOGE with a unique reward system and punishment mechanism. The DOGE wife allows the DOGE holders to make money quickly. 

Holders can start making money automatically when holding the coin. The coin also rewards those who hold the coin longer and stay true to the WIFEDOGE. Plus, investors who abandon the coin also get punishment for their acts. 

Because of its popularity, many investors in the United States are eager to invest in the coin, but after checking the live Wifedoge Chart  

Who are the Founders of Wifedoge?

We evaluated the token, checked the official website, and found no information about the CEO and founders of WIFEDOGE Coin. So, investors have to wait until any update is available regarding its founder and CEO.

We have only found more than 24000 holders of the coin, and it is registered a total of 75 504 transfers to date. So, there is no data available presently about the founder of the token. 

Wifedoge Chart – Market Statistics, Live Price and Circulating Supply  

As per the chart available, the live price of the token registered in the last 24 hours is $0.000000000116. The token has recorded the highest trading volume of $3 089 485 in the last 24 hours. 

The price of the token is high by 366.0% in the last 24 hours. Based on the live market cap of the coin, it has been ranked #2787 in the chart. However, there is no data available for the coin’s live market cap and diluted market cap.

As per the website and Wifedoge Chart, a total of 747 quadrillion WIFEDOGE are available for supply. Unfortunately, there is no data available about the maximum circulating supply of the coin. 

How to Buy Wifedoge?

  • Investors need to have a trusted digital wallet with sufficient funds
  • Link the wallet to the PanCakeSwap exchange
  • Use the contract address (0x07B36F2549291d320132712a1E64d3826B1FB4D7) to find details of the token 
  • Check the live price data of the coin 
  • Depending upon the live price of the coin on the Wifedoge Chart, you have to decide the amount
  • Enter the number of coins you want to buy
  • Set a slippage of 12% and swap the money for WIFEDOGE coin


Q1. Which is the Official Website of WIFEDOGE?

A1. https://wifedoge.com/ is the official website of WIFEDOGE.

Q2. Which is the Contract Address of WIFEDOGE?

A2. 0x07B36F2549291d320132712a1E64d3826B1FB4D7 is the contract address to use when buying the coin on PanCakeSwap. 

Q3. What is the Live Price of WIFEDOGE?

A3. The live price of the coin is $0.000000000116.


The famous crypto has found his soul mate called WIFEDOGE. As per Wifedoge Chart, the price is in increasing trend. So, it is profitable to invest in the token. The crypto lets the holders earn rewards by staying true to the coin and getting punishment for abandoning the coin. So, start making money with WIFEDOGE, but ensure to check the best apps for Crypto investment in 2021

How many coins do you hold? What profit have you made? Please share your views in the comment section.

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