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Widi Token (Dec 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you also want to get more details about the Widi Token? This news writing has got all the necessary information for you.

Do you also want to trade in crypto coins or digital currency? You must need to know some important factors about a crypto coin to comfortably trade in the crypto and get maximum benefits out of it.

Today in this writing, we discuss the WIDI crypto coin, which is popular in the Philippines. Today the price of the crypto coin is down from the original price, so let us know more about the statistics and future predictions about the Widi Token and know if it is beneficial to purchase the coin or not. 

About The Widi Crypto

The abbreviation Widi is for Widiland crypto token. Crypto is becoming famous throughout the Philippines and other countries as well. The crypto coin is brought as a project by a group of scientists as a high-level program. 

It is basically a project connecting the space stations with people in a game. Also, this coin is coined to help the player to get the play to earn features in the game. The crypto coin is not circulating in supply currently, and 400,000,000 Widi Token are available. 

Founders of This Crypto

Widiland crypto was founded by a team of long-term experienced people with the CEO named Mr. Nguyen Huu An. He has extensive experience in the technological field and works with a team of experienced to make this coin more accessible.

Price of This Cypto

Widiland token’s price today is $0.2581, which is very low from its original price. This crypto token has been almost 39.90% down in the last 24 hours, and this is not the right time to invest in the coin. 

Statistics of Widi Token

Following statistics are mentioned to let you know more about the crypto coin:

  • Change in the price- $-0.1614
  • Percentage in changed price- 38.60%
  • 24H low volume- $0.2422
  • 24H high volume- $0.4202
  • Trading volume- $9,056,163.93
  • Trading volume percentage- 455.21%
  • The market rank of the coin- #2865
  • Fully diluted market cap- $104,498,789.60
  • Completely diluted market cap percentage- 37.51

How You Can Buy This Crypto Coin?

To buy this crypto coin, follow these simple steps and start trading in the coin-

  • This is safe to buy the currency on Binance. 
  • Visit the official website of Binance to trade in Widi Token.
  • Log in or register yourself on the website and open an account. 
  • Now buy any bitcoin or Ethereum for exchange. 
  • Now use Ethereum or Bitcoin to exchange it for widi crypto coin. 
  • Now store the exchanged WIDI crypto coin in any hardware wallet and start trading in it. 

Remember that the coin is there on all exchange websites for trading and purchasing. You can purchase it from any like Gate, i.e., Pancake swap, and others. 


Q1. What is the contract address of the Widi Token?

A1. The contracts address of the crypto coin is 0xa361c79783833524dc7838399a4862b5f47038b8

Q2. What is the official website of the crypto coin?

A2. The official website of the crypto coin is https://widiland.com/.

Q3. What is today’s price of the currency?

A3. Today the price of the coin is $0.2581.


After finding all the details about the crypto coin, we can conclude that the crypto coin is currently not showing a satisfactory price graph. In our advice, invest in the coin after exploring and researching well. For now, to check the coin price, follow here.  

Share your opinions about the Widi Token in the comment section below. Also, to learn, which are the best crypto to trade in 2021, visit here.

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