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Why Is Twitter Changing to X: Check Details!

Know Why Is Twitter Changing to X and get to understand the complete knowledge of the new change done by Elon Musk.

Why is Twitter making a change and becoming “X”? This question has become a hot topic in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Many people are discussing Twitter’s decision and wondering why they are making this switch. 

Twitter promises that “X” will offer better features and a more enjoyable experience. Everyone is excited to learn more about the reasons behind this transformation. So, Why Is Twitter Changing to X? Let’s explore and find out.


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The Reason Behind the Twitter Change

According to Tom Morton, the global chief strategy officer at ad agency R/GA, the change of Twitter to “X” has nothing to do with users, advertisers, or market issues. Instead, it’s a symbolic move signifying that Twitter now belongs to Elon Musk personally, giving him a strong influence over the company’s direction and future.

Now, the question is, Is Twitter Changing Its Name? Let us get the answer in the upcoming section.

Name change of Twitter to X

Elon Musk officially rebranded Twitter by replacing the blue bird logo with the letter X. In April, he legally changed the company’s name to X Corp. now redirects to, and soon, an “interim X logo” will replace the bird logo. Leading up to the change, Musk tweeted about it for hours, sharing his excitement about the new name and logo.

Twitter’s New Logo and Name Change

On 24th July 2023, Monday, Twitter surprised the world by unveiling a new logo on its website—a stylized white X on a black background. Why Is Twitter Changing to X? is answered in the above section.

This change came after 17 years of the iconic blue bird symbolizing the spread of ideas worldwide. However, the blue bird logo remained on the mobile app and will soon be replaced.

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Twitter’s change to “X” is grabbing attention worldwide. It’s not about users or market issues but a symbolic move showing Elon Musk’s influence. The new logo sparks excitement as Twitter enters a new chapter.

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Why Is Twitter Changing to X: FAQs

Q1. What do industry experts think about Twitter’s future potential?

Experts imagine Twitter becoming an all-encompassing app that fulfills various online needs for its users. 

Q2. What did Musk tweet about the future of Twitter?

Musk tweeted that Twitter would bid adieu to the Twitter brand and all the birds.

 Q3. What does the new logo of Twitter represent?

The new logo marks a focus on building an “everything app.”

Q4. What risk does the rebranding pose to Twitter?

As per marketing experts, rebranding risks losing years of Twitter’s name and recognition. Hence, boosting doubt Is Twitter Changing Its Name?

 Q5. What was trending on Twitter in reference to the old logo?

“#GoodbyeTwitter” trended due to user criticism.

Q6. How did users react to Twitter’s new logo?

Some users criticized while, some appreciated the new logo design.

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