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{Updated} Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit: Did Twitch Have a Drug Problem, Also Know If He Suffer From Depression!

Read complete details unavailable elsewhere about Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit? Also, know about his personal and professional life.

The news about Twitch’s suicide was shocking for fans in the United StatesCanada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Twitch was a lovable personality and had a happy family. What was the cause of Twitch’s death? Did he give any clues about stress before his suicide? What were the circumstances during his death?

Let’s scrutinize all the facts below to know Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit?

Cause of Death discussed on Reddit:

Twitch’s cause of death is discussed on Reddit, and several news and knowledge-based websites have included their links to learn more about the incident. Two music community pages, including @hiphopheads and @Music, mourned his death. A post on @television pages showed comments from @maclow3 praising Twitch for his energy, lovable and welcomed nature.

Twitch had left his home without taking his car, which was unusual. When Allison, Twitch’s wife, could not find him, she informed the police at approximately 11:30 AM on 13th-December-2022. Did Twitch Suffer From Depression? No, he did not have any depression. The police received information about a shooting at the Oak Tree Inn in Encino, LA.

The police visited Oak Tree Inn and found Twitch dead in a room. The autopsy concluded that Twitch had a gunshot wound and committed suicide. 

Obituary: Details are yet awaited for Twitch’s family.

Social media links:


Twitch was born to Boss Alexander and Sandford Rose. Deondre Rose is his younger brother. Zaia(3-years) is his daughter, and Maddox(6-years) is his son. Weslie(14-years) is his adopted child from Allison’s first marriage. Let’s find out more below about Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit?

Twitch’s wife:

Allison and Twitch met in 2010 during an SYTYCD performance and started dating. They got married on 11th-December-2013.


Height(approximately) 6 feet
Hair color Black
Hair length Bald
Eye color Black
Chest 40″
Waist 32″
Biceps 16″
Salary $1 million per season from The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Net Worth $5 million
Kids Three
Grandfather Eddy Boss
Grandmother Elnora rose and Marie Boss
Pet Krypto, a dog
Hobbies Reading comics
Tattoos Right bicep, left arm, and bicep
Favorite food Chicken Figures

Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion:

Twitch was an African American, a citizen of America, and a religious Christian.

Early life and Did Twitch Have a Drug Problem:

Twitch was not addict of any toxic substance. Twitch was born and brought up in Montgomery, Alabama. Twitch graduated from Lee High School and studied dance performance at Chapman University and Southern Union State Community College. 


Allison did not mention any stress in their married relationship. Twitch was not addict of any toxic substance and didn’t smoke. His social media accounts did not suggest any type of stress, psychogenic illness, (or) suicidal tendency. His Instagram account had the latest video of Twitch and Allison dancing before the Christmas tree and decorating it. Twitch was a happy man.

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Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit – FAQ

1Q. What are other controversies surrounding Twitch’s suicide?

DeGeneres’s show did not have a conducive work environment, due to which three producers resigned. Twitch’s suicide is also viewed from this angle.

2Q. Did Twitch criticize the DeGeneres show?

No. Twitch said he never showed his back to the show and liked working with the crew.

3Q. Who is Twitch’s girlfriend?

Twitch did not have a girlfriend.

4Q. What is Twitch’s DoB, Age and cause of death?

Twitch was born on 29th-September-1982. He was 40 years, two months, and 14-days old. Why Did Twitch Kill Himself Reddit? The cause of his death is suicide while the reason is unknown.

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