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Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind: Know About the Succession Series!

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Are you a big fan of the Succession TV series? What happened in the finale episode of Succession? Are you curious to get some more details on the news? 

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Why did Shiv Roy change her mind?

After four seasons of the Succession TV Series (streamed on HBO), it ended. Recently, the finale episode of Succession aired on HBO. People are asking Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind after watching the finale episode. 

As shown in the “Succession” finale episode, Shiv Roy decided to sell her father’s company by voting for it at the last minute. The act of Shiv Roy left the spectators stunned. To answer the question, everyone had a different perspective on the decision made by Shiv.

Know about the Succession series!

The fans know that Succession is a quite loved American dark comedy series created by Jesse Armstrong. The TV series showed thirty-nine episodes and four seasons. The series Started on 3rd June (2018) and ended on 28th May (2023). The question Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind at the end moment is the talk of the town now. We will share several opinions about the most asked question in the later segment.

Who is Shiv Roy?

As shown in the “Succession,” Siobhan Roy, or Siobhan Shiv Roy, is the one and only daughter of “The Roy Family.” In the series, she possesses a strong leadership character but seems more interested in wielding her political skills. In the final season of Succession, she took a firm decision that raised many questions after her act. Many are interested to know Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind.

What happened in the final season of Succession?

As shown in the Succession ending episode, Shiv Roy decided to vote in for selling her father’s company to Lukas Matsson. Lukas Matsson is a tech specialist from Sweden, and he decided to hand over the company’s CEO position to Tom Wambsgands. Shiv Roy is married to Tom Wambsgands in the series and is pregnant with his child. 

Check the fan’s opinions for the series!

Know here the opinion of the fans about Shiv’s decision. Everyone has shared his or her different opinion on Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind

A Twitter user “We can fight until the cows come home about why Shiv did what she did. But we have to acknowledge that in sentencing herself to essentially become her mother; she saved her brother from becoming her father.” 

Check down the below screenshots of Twitter trending posts. 

A Reddit user also shared her opinion and captioned the post as “Why did Shiv betray Ken in the end?”

 Know the Wiki of Shiv Roy!

After knowing the different opinions for, Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind? Here know the Wiki details of Shiv Roy’s character. 

Name Siobhan Roy.
Location United States.
Character portrayed by Sarah Snook.
Husband Tom Wambsgans.
Parents Logan Roy and Caroline Collingwood.
Siblings Kendall Roy, Roman Roy and Connor Roy.
Gender Female.
Height 5.5 ft.

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The Succession TV series finale episode left the fans wondering and shocked. Shiv Roy’s firm decision left everyone speechless. If you have not watched the finale episode yet, watch the preview of the Succession episode here.

What is your opinion on Shiv Roy’s act? Comment below to share your thoughts now!

Why Did Shiv Change Her Mind-FAQs

Q1. Who is Shiv Roy?

AShe is the female character in the Succession TV series.

Q2. What did the Succession finale episode show?

It showed that Shiv Roy sold her father’s company.

Q3. Why are fans questioning Shiv Roy?

AThe fans couldn’t expect Shiv Roy to sell her father’s company.

Q4. Why did Shiv not vote for Kendall?

She doesn’t think Kendall would handle the company.

Q5. Why did Shiv change her vote in Succession?

She voted against Kendall as she didn’t want him to be the CEO.

Q6. Who becomes the new CEO of the Company in Succession?

Tom Wambsgans possibly be the new CEO of the company.

Q7. Who did Shiv Roy sell the company to?

She sold it to Lukas Matsson.

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