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Why Coco Lee Suicide: Why Did Coco Lee Die? Is Cause of Death Divorce Depression? Check Husband, Net Worth, Passed Away, Biography & Instagram Updates Here!

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Are you aware of singer Coco Lee? Who was she? What happened to the singer Coco Lee? How did Coco Lee die? When did Coco Lee pass away? Are you looking for more details on Coco Lee? Want to know about Coco Lee’s personal life?

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Why did Coco Lee Commit Suicide?

According to the sources, Coco Lee died at 48 due to suicide. The Biography details for the deceased Singer Coco Lee is available here. The reports claim that Coco committed suicide on 2nd July 2023. Coco’s family hospitalized her in a coma stage, but unfortunately, Coco last breathed on 5th July 2023. The deceased hospital team tried their level best to revive Coco’s life. Sadly, everyone failed to bring her back alive. Carol and Nancy confirmed the singer’s death news through a social media post.

The Shared post is a video by Nancy and Carol showing some of their extremely memorable days. Also, her sisters captioned the post with some heart-touching lines.

Why Did Coco Lee Die?

According to the details confirmed by Coco Lee’s sisters, Coco suffered from Depression for a long period. Also, it is believed that Coco’s mental health condition worsened due to Depression. Due to her Depression, Coco committed suicide on 2nd July 2023. Unfortunately, Coco’s condition worsened this year, which provoked her to commit suicide. The now deceased family admitted her to the hospital during her Coma stage, but she didn’t survive.

Know about Coco’s Obituary, Funeral and Net Worth!

After the death of Coco, many online sources started sharing her obituary details. In this blog, we have also mentioned the Obituary details of Coco Lee. However, Coco’s sisters and her family didn’t share any details about her funeral online. Moving towards Coco Lee’s current net worth is estimated between $1 million & $5 million.

The billboard posted on Twitter about the death of Coco Lee and stated that the Honk King-born singer Passed Away at 48 years.

Details on Coco Lee’s family & more!

The details for Coco Lee’s family members are stated below. Interested ones can go through it.

  • Father- Indonesian father (name not known).
  • Mother- Cantonese mother.
  • Siblings- Nancy and Carol.
  • Children- Two step children.

Is Coco Lee married?

Various sources state that Coco married Bruce Rockowitz. Coco Lee Divorce news is quite trending on the social media platforms after her death. Many sources stated that she started living separately from her spouse more than two years ago. Coco also had two step daughters with her husband.

A Reddit user posted that Coco Lee died at the age of 48 years after attempting suicide.

Coco Lee’s Wiki info!

The table below on Coco Lee’s Wikipedia will provide the readers with all her personal details. So, go through the table to know more.

Real Name Ferren Coco Lee.
Profession Actor, Singer, Dancer and Songwriter.
Date Of Birth 17/01/1975.
Birth Place Hong Kong.
Husband name Bruce Rockowitz.
Marital Status Married.
Zodiac Capricorn.
Age 48 years.

Coco Lee’s Nationality & More!

  • Nationality- American & Chinese.
  • Ethnicity- Unknown.
  • Religion- Unavailable.

Check her career and more details!

Here, interested readers can get more details on Coco Lee’s career. Thus read the below points for more details.

  • Career- Coco Lee began her music career in 1992, and in 1996, Coco Lee signed a contract for Sony Music Entertainment. Unfortunately, Lee faced Depression for a few years before ending her life.
  • Education- She attained Presidio Middle School and Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School and then further studied at the University of California.
  • Early Life- Coco Lee’s father died at the time of her birth, and at nine years old, Coco Lee, along with her sisters & mother shifted to San Francisco.

Know Coco Lee’s Height & More!

  • Height- 1.6m.
  • Weight- 42kg
  • Death- Coco Lee’s Cause of death is already revealed; she died on 5th July 2023.

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It is really sad to share about the popular singer Coco Lee’s death news through this blog. We share our prayers with her family to pass this difficult time. Also, the people interested to know more about Coco Lee’s death , kindly go through the blog until you finish.

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Coco Lee’s Instagram news- FAQs

Q1. Who was Coco Lee?

AShe was a famous Hong Kong singer, actor, songwriter and pop star.

Q2. What caused Coco Lee’s sudden death?

The sources confirmed her death cause as suicide.

Q3. At what age did Coco Lee pass away?

AShe died at the age of 48 years old.

Q4. Why is Coco Lee trending on the news?

Sadly, Coco Lee is no longer alive; therefore, she is currently on the news.

Q5. Was Coco Lee suffering from Depression?

The sources claim she suffered from Depression before her death.

Q6. Is Coco Lee’s funeral details available online?

As of now, Coco Lee’s family didn’t share any details about her death.

Q7. Is Coco Lee’s Obituary details present online?

Yes, Coco Lee’s obituary details are available on online sources.

Q8. What is the actual net Worth of Coco Lee?

Coco Lee’s shared net worth details are estimated between $1 to $5 million.

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