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This post on Who Killed Notti Osama will reveal the real reason for the death of the 14 year old and who killed him.

Do you know about the murder of Notti Osama? People from Worldwide are curious about what happened to the 14 year old rapper as he died recently by getting stabbed at the NYC subway. In this post, we will be explaining all the details related to Who Killed Notti Osama so please read the article below.

Notti Osama

Notti Osama was a 14 year old wannabe rapper. His real name was Ethan Reyes and he lived in Yonkers, New York. He was the youngest in his group. He usually made songs with his brother, DD Osama. He tried to be the best rapper. However, he couldn’t fulfill his dream as he died recently. He was announced dead on July 9, when one of his music rival stabbed him in his abdomen. He was later declared dead in the hospital. The accused was arrested on the same day and was taken to the police station.

How Notti Osama Passed Away?

On 9th July 2022, Notti was stabbed during a fight in the NYC subway station. Notti was a 14 year old rapper. On 9th July, he was on a rap battle with his 15 year old competitor. During the battle, the 15 year old killed Notti Osama by stabbing him multiple times. Notti was then taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital. He was later declared dead by the hospital. The 15 year old rival was arrested for a second degree murder and was taken to the police station.

Who was Notti’s killer?

At the Age of 14, Notti osama was killed by one of his music rival. The press has recently released the name of the 15 year old boy who killed Notti. The name of Notti’s killer was Kelvin Martinez. The 15 year old was later taken to Presbyterian Hospital in New York for his stab wounds. Later on, press revealed that when the investigators reached the crime scene, they found a broomstick and a knife. They suspected that the knife was used by the 15 year old in order to kill Notti.

What is the count of stabbs made to Notti Osama?

 The police has not revealed the number of times Kelvin stabbed the victim. Notti’s Family has been heartbroken by this news. The investigators tried to ask Kelvin about the reason he stabbed Notti but he didn’t revealed it. Later it was concluded that the reason for Notti’s death was music rivalry. As you might know, Notti used to make drill music, drill music includes insulting the competitors or making fun of them. This could be the reason why the quarrel between Notti and Kelvin started. 

What are the charges on Kelvin Martinez?

Kelvin Martinez took Notti’s life by stabbing him in his stomach. So, when the police first arrived at the scene they charged Kelvin Martinez of a second degree murder. Read about Notti Osama How Did Die. However, after some research on this case, the police discovered that Notti and his friends first tried to corner Kelvin with a broomstick. Kelvin tried to free himself from Notti’s grip. He later took out his knife and stabbed Notti as self defense. So considering this, Kelvin was later charged with first degree manslaughter and illegal substance possession.

How did Notti Osama die?

Notti Osama died during a quarrel with his rapper rival. It was discovered that both Notti and his rival were planning on having a rap battle. Many people have been asking about Notti’s Obituary however there are no details available on the internet. However, it was revealed that the spoken battle turned  into a physical battle in some time. Notti and his friends tried to corner Kelvin. After that, Kelvin tried to save himself by taking out his knife and stabbing Notti in his abdomen. Few minutes later the police arrived and took Notti to the hospital and arrested Kelvin. After some time, the hospital announced Notti as dead. They said that Notti was dead even on the scene and they couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

Notti Osama Biography

Notti Osama was a 14 year old boy who wanted to be a rapper in the future. he used to sing drill rap which included dissing the competitors and often insulting them. Notti released five songs in 2022. All of his songs reached a pretty good amount of listeners. He usually used to make music with his group which included his brother. Notti was the youngest in his group and was loved by his friends. He was rumored that he was going to release a new single called Without You. he shared some of his single’s picture on his social media. Notti’s Net Worth 2022 was searched by many people online. however, no information is available regarding his salary or net worth.

How did Notti’s brother reacted to this news?

Notti’s brother was devastated when he first heard about Notti’s death. Notti’s brother is a rapper called DD Osama. DD was very supportive of his brother. He was the one who singed along with Notti in his rap songs. He posted a tiktok video where he shared that he was holding back his tears when he heard about his brother’s death. He said that he was blaming himself for not being there when he needed him. After some time, DD also posted on Instagram where he wrote “everything 4 notti”. He posted a picture of him and notti posing to the camera. Also, later on a tiktok video was posted where he was seen crying at notti’s funeral.

Following the rapper’s death, Tributes began to flow in 

People have been shocked and frustrated when they heard about Notti’s death. Many people have been posted regularly on social media praising him and telling that he was a very bright child. The fans are heartbroken and shared condolences on various social media platforms. Also, a candlelight surveliance was prepared in Manhattan where many people paid tributes to the rapper and appreciated his talent.

Who Killed Notti Osama – FAQs

  1. Who was Notti Osama?

Notti Osama was a 14 year old wannabe rapper

  1. Who killed Notti Osama?

Kelvin Martinez killed Notti Osama

  1. How was Notti Osama killed?

He was killed by stabbing in his abdomen with a knife

  1. What was the motive behind Notti’s killing?

The motive behind Notti’s murder is still unclear however, it is suspected to be music rivalry

  1. What are the charges on Notti’s killer?

Notti’s killer has been charged to first degree murder and illegal possession.

  1. Where did Notti Osama die?

Notti died in NYC Subway station during a quarrel

  1. How did Notti’s fans paid tribute?

Many fans have paid their tributes and have expressed their curiousity on Who Killed Notti Osama on various social media platforms 

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