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Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters: Curious To Know Age, Parents, Net Worth & Quick Wiki Facts? Check Complete Biography Details Here!

In the below post, we will discuss Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters after the death of Taylor Hawkins.

Do you know the famous Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, the band? He is one of the most famous drum players in the Foo Fighters band. The people of Brazil and the United States know him very well.

Since the death of Hawkins, there have been no concerts by the Foo Fighters, so now the band member has decided to continue their band without Hawkins. As the band decided to continue, people curiously wanted to know Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters. To know the details of a new member of Foo, read the post till last.


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Who is going to play the Drums for the Foo Flights band?

Recently, the band announced that they would continue the Foo Fighters after Taylor, but the band hasn’t announced that new drummer. Some people claim that Rufus Tiger Taylor, the son of Queen Drummer Roger Taylor, could be the band’s new drummer.

However, the band has no official statement about who will play the drums. But as soon as we know anything about the new band member or his Biography, we will let you know.

Who is Rufus Tiger Taylor?

Rufus Tiger Taylor is the son of Queen Drummer Roger Taylor. Tiger Taylor battled against his father on the “Queen + Adam Lambert” shows in 2011. Moreover, he also replaced Emily Dolan Davies in The Darkness in 2015. Since 2015 he has been a member of The Darkness rock band.  

There is the possibility that Tiger could replace Taylor Hawkins in the Foo Fighters band, but there is no confirmation from the band member. Since then, people have been curious to know further about Rufus Tiger.

Rufus Tiger Taylor’s Wikipedia 

People are claiming that Taylor could be the next member of Foo Fighters, so people are curious to know about him. So, here is some important information about him.

Full Name Rufus Tiger Taylor
Nick Name NA
Date of Birth 8 March 1991
Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
Parents Roger Taylor (Father), Debbie Leng (Mother)
Profession Musician
Education School drop out at age 16
Nationality British
Marital Status Single
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Siblings 4 (Tigerlily Taylor, Rory Eleanor Taylor, Felix Luther Taylor, Lola Daisy May Taylor)
Height 6ft 11ins
Weight 100kgs
Eyes Brown eyes
Age 31

What is his annual income?

Since 2015 he has been a member of The Darkness rock band, so his Net Worthis $1 million.

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The Foo Fighters announced that they continued to perform for the first time after the death of Taylor Hawkins. But the rock band hasn’t announced who will replace Hawkins in the upcoming concert. 

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Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters- FAQs

Q1. What is Rufus Tiger Taylor’s net worth?

Ans. Taylor’s net worth is approx. $200 million. 

Q2. Who played the drum in the tribute concert of Foo Fighters for Hawkins?

Ans. Nandi Bushell played the drum in Hawkins’s tribute show by Foo Fighters. 

Q3. Who is drumming in the shows right now?

Ans. Currently, Nandi Bushell, Travis Barker, and Taylor Hawkins’ Son Shane are drumming in the show.

Q4. Where was Taylor Hawkins buried?

Ans. He was buried in the USA. 

Q5. What was the cause of Taylor’s death?

Ans. According to the sources, no official cause of his death has been declared. 

Q6. When is Foo Fighters returning?

Ans. The band haven’t announced any date officially yet. 

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