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Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com: Read Reviews On White Tri Cities Parents and Tots!

The article explains real data behind Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com website and White Tri Cities Parents and Tots poster.

Have you seen any racist posts that made you dumbstruck? If not, then we are pretty sure that the news on Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com will make you feel shocked and terrified.

This is all about the racist advertisement for white parents, which generated lots of sympathy in countries like the United States and many more. So here in this article, we are going to see the background of the story in detail.

Details about Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com

There is no website in the name of White Tricity Parents and Tots on the internet. It is actually a play group for children of European parents, and they have an email account at And they have released a poster for that playgroup where they have mentioned more racist statements. And it has invited lots of criticism from all over the world.

The playgroup has its telegram page itself, but it doesn’t have a website for its group.

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White Tri Cities Parents and Tots Issue

The City of Coquitlam witnessed a racist poster, which is from the White Tri Cities Playgroup, and the lines written on the sign triggered the global citizens. Here is the poster statement:

“Are you someone looking for a playgroup where your child can play with someone similar to them? To escape forced diversity, parents from the European community can join us and invest in child well-being and racist identity.”

White Tri Cities Parents and Tots is behind the poster, and as soon as it got posted on social media, the post went viral. And it has reached the police of the City of Coquitlam, who took action on removing those posters and tracked the website to get more information about it.

Specifications and legitimacy of the website

The real truth is White Tri cities is not a website; we couldn’t find any website in the name of it. So, we needed help to collect the specifications. But Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com opened a telegram channel and an email account for themselves.

The telegram channel has a self-titled channel name, and its email ID is But the telegram channel link is not opening; there is no telegram channel in their name. There was a QR code to scan their services, but that wasn’t working. Thus, it triggered everyone. Then, what was the real purpose of that group when the links they provided were not working for real?

People’s reactions to White Tri Cities Parents and Tots

As soon as the poster was released, people shared their anger towards this racist post. This post is going viral on the Twitter platform. All those posts have been removed from Twitter due to their community guidelines principles because many people might have reported this issue.

Where was the poster located?

The white parents posters first located at the bus stop at the intersection of Shaughnessy Street and McAllister Avenue. As soon as the poster was pasted, many people took a screenshot of White Tri Cities Parents and Tots statement and reported it to the police officials. Police officials tried to reach the playgroup team, but they seemed to be unresponsive.

Social media links

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This kind of racist behavior has to be severely condemned, and here, the greatest irony is that they are trying to indulge those thoughts in small children. After this incident, the police officials released the helpline number 604-945-1550 to report any other posters from the Whitetricitiesparentsandtots com team.

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Do you want to share your opinions about this racist behaviour? Kindly comment on it.

Disclaimer: Our team doesn’t endorse or support any type of racist behaviours.

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