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Where to Watch Trump Town Hall- CNN Town Hall, Reddit, YouTube 2023!

Where to Watch Trump Town Hall write-up has links and details of people’s reactions to the CNN Wednesday New Hampshire event. 

Have you watched the appearance of Donald Trump on the CNN Town Hall forum? Do you want to watch the hour-long session that has attracted viewers from all sections of society? Donald Trump is the frontrunner candidate of the Republican Party for the 2024 Presidential Primary and appeared in Town Hall on Wednesday.

The Town Hall spectacle has generated a lot of heat on the internet against the television network and former President. As people in the United States and Canada search for the event link, we shared some links in the Where to Watch Trump Town Hall blog.


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Trump Town Hall Spectacle:

Trump appeared for an hour-long session on the CNN television network on Wednesday, 10th May, 2023. The show was scheduled before the Manhattan Court verdict and was live-streamed a day after the verdict that went against the former President. 

The CNN network came for heavy criticism for conducting the show as it gave enough space for propagating falsehood. The show broadcasted live with a Republican audience, and moderator Collins gave New Hampshire voters a chance to listen to the Presidential Primary candidate. Many people in the United States also see it as the campaign for the 2024 Presidential election.

Where to Watch Trump CNN Town Hall?

The CNN Town Hall performance was held on Wednesday, 10 May 2023 and was streamed live on CNN Website. Android and iOS-based mobile device users can download the CNN app and watch the show on their phones. People in counties like Canada can watch it on CNN OTT under the TV Channel or “CCNgo”, depending on the availability at a particular place.  

The television network also plans to make the Town Hall content available on demand. The content will be available to pay TV subscribers from 11th May 2023 via the Cable Operator platform, and CNN OTT.

How New Hampshire Voters Reacted to Trump CNN Town Hall 2023?

The CNN Town event was conducted in New Hampshire as voters will be first to vote in the Republican Presidential nominee election. The Town Hall forum was an excellent opportunity for Donald Trump to send a clear message to his voters. Some of the voters’ reactions suggest that the former President has succeeded in doing it the right way.

Most voters agreed that Trump is honest and straightforward and always speaks his mind. The court charges, and the recent Manhattan verdict appears to have no effect on the voting pattern. 

Trump CNN Town Hall YouTube Videos Goes Viral:

Some small clips of Wednesday’s Town Hall event have attracted a lot of netizens on the internet. A three-minute twelve-second video posted by CNN one day ago has gained 506k views with 8359 comments. 

The moderator of the Town hall event asked Donald Trump’s suggestions on the debt issue, and the former President wanted the country to default in case the white house did not agree to cut spending. Similar short videos with different questions have gained public attention as citizens want to hear Donald Trump’s view on a serious issue that the country is facing. 

Trump Town Hall Reddit Reactions:

The Reddit platform has reacted massively to the post on the CNN Town Hall event. A post in the r/politics community titled Trump refuses to acknowledge the loss in the 2020 rigged election attracted more than 3.3k comments in less than a day. Most netizens feel that the former President has judiciously used this opportunity in his favour.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The Wednesday CNN Town Hall event has garnered over 3.5 million views and has gone viral on social media. Trump’s detractors are mad at CNN, while his voters support his views. 

Has CNN network erred in hosting Donald Trump for a Town Hall event? Please comment.

Where to Watch Trump Town Hall? FAQs

Q.1 How Donald Trump reacted to the Manhattan court verdict?

Trump brushed aside the Manhattan verdict during the Town Hall event.

Q.2 How CNN responded to backlash against Wednesday’s Town Hall program?

CNN Chairman Chris Licht said, “America was well served” by the Town Hall event.

Q.3 What was the last appearance of Trump on the CNN network?

Trump appeared on CNN Network during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Q.4 Who is the clear frontrunner in the Republican 2024 Presidential Primary?

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican 2024 Presidential Primary.

Q.5 How has the public reacted to Trump CNN Town Hall 2023?

People have shown mixed reactions to the Town Hall event.

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