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Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin (May) Price, Chart

Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin (May) Price, Chart >> A coin for Limitless blockchain with the power, speed, and scale of the internet. Please read below to know more.

The Crypto world is so vast. Daily new coin launches in the market. It won’t be overlying that it’s a hard competition and challenging.

Today we brought another crypto coin-related topic for you: Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin; almost people want to know about this, so today we are here with this topic.

It is also popular with the name of ICP in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

What is an Internet Computer Coin?

As its name indicates, Internet Computer comes in the category of digital token and runs on a proprietary protocol called Internet Computer Protocol. Anyone can build software or publish content on the internet. The unique point is without using services like Amazon, Google, or Facebook. Creator and Principal Scientist of DFINITY, Dominic Williams, explored it.

Internet Computer Crypto Founder

The project was founded by Dominic Williams in October 2016 and emerging as a most promising crypto worldwide.

Before Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin? Let us see Its price and statistics first.

Internet Computer Crypto Price

All the data recorded here is taken from a well-known crypto data analytics site Coinmarketcap.

The current Internet Computer price is USD 142.16 and trading volume of $45, 89, 50,481 USD for 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, Internet Computer is up 2.17%. 

Internet computer Coin Supply and Market Supply

  • Market Rank – #10
  • Market Cap – $17,635,296,946.63
  • circulating supply – 12,40,48,742 ICP coins
  • Max Supply – Not Available
  • Price Change (24h)- $7.59
  • Trading Volume (24h) – $458,950,481.08
  • Total Supply – 469,290,321
  • Market Cap Dominance – 0.00%.

People are curious to know Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin and Price predictions for upcoming years. Below is the crucial information.

Internet Computer Crypto Price Prediction

According to Wallet Investor, Internet Computer is the best long-term investment virtual currency. It predicts the price may reach $882.98 within the next 12 months, and it may hit $3,659.45 in the next five-year. 

Digital Coin estimate that by the end of 2021, ICP price could reach $283.52, rise to $318.92 in 2022. And increase up to $548.67 in 2025 and hit up to $801.88 in 2028.

Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin?

This is a question that is running in millions of heads. There are three authorized websites dfinity.org, medium.com, thereboot.com, where you can find this coin. 

It is a blockchain project powered by the famous DFINITY Foundation. The motive of DFINITY behind this is to outspread the functionality of the public internet connecting billions of people via the network.

The function of the Internet Computer Coin?

Three important roles of this coin in the net are:

  1. It Facilitates the ICP tokens of Network Governance, locked to generate neurons that are participating in the network authority.
  2. While searching Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin, we found that it delivers a foundation store of value and converts it into cycles that power calculation in fuel burned when used. The popular NNS converts ICP to series at a flexible rate, so it is selected to confirm operators of the network can continuously create original cycles at an almost constant cost in actual terms. The price of obtaining fuel is probable.
  3. The network casts fresh ICP to repayment and pays incentives to those playing significant roles to allow the system to operate.

What are Public Reactions on Social Media?

This coin has a good presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

LinkedIn, etc. However, we also found that people are confused and want to know Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin

Still, the professional social media team is active in providing information and announcement about it. Official pages have more than a thousand followers on different social platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What is the official website of Internet Computer Crypto?

A – The official website of Internet Computer Crypto https://dfinity.org/.

Q – What is the price change for the next 24 hours?

A – The price change for the next 24 hours is $ 12.64. For more details refer the link.

Final Verdict

At present, cryptocurrencies are taking over industries very smoothly. Here we discussed the features and attributes of this coin.

DFINITY is a well-known name in various internet-powered services, including software.

Are you interested in knowing more on Where To Buy Internet Computer Coin? Yes, please share your queries in the comments section below. Please refer this link to know more on how to buy cryptocurrency?

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