Where To Buy Floki (June 2021) Price, Contract Address

Where To Buy Floki (Nov 2021) Price, Contract Address

Where To Buy Floki (Nov 2021) Price, Contract Address >> The guide is to share details about the new crypto coin, its price and exchanges to buy it.

A tweet of Elon Musk has set ablaze into the crypto marketplace on the eve of 25th June 2021. His tweet states that Musk has decided to name his dog Shiba Inu as “Floki.”. Soon after the tweet started circulating online, the price of two new coins have surged, and investors from India and the United States started investing in the coins.    

The tweet intends that the Tesla owner wants to highlight the newly launched coin with the ticker FLOKI. If you also want to buy the coin and know Where to Buy Floki, please continue reading.   

What is Floki Coin?

Floki is the new Binance Smart Chain token making news after the tweet from Tesla owner Elon Musk. Musk tweeted on 25th June 2021 that he has named his dog Shiba Inu as “FLOKI.” 

As the tweet started circulating, the two newly launched crypto coins registered a sudden price surge. The Shiba Inu coin with ticker SHIB has experienced a price surge of 25%, and the FLOKI coin registered a 3500% jump in the last 24 hrs. 

Since his tweet, many worldwide investors rushed to buy the FLOKI coin, increasing the market cap and price rapidly. So, investors want to know Where to Buy Floki.

Who Founded FLOKI?

After researching the token, we have not found any details regarding the CEO and founder of the token. Since it is a newly launched token, many vital details are missing, and hence we have not found the owner’s details.

We have only found that it has 154 holders worldwide, and the token has registered 304 transfers to date.

FLOKI Live Price and Market Cap Data

As per the market price analysis, the FLOKI coin is available for trading with the live price of $0.000002. It is the market price recorded at the time of writing the article. However, it keeps fluctuating and hence before you learn Where to Buy Floki, you must check the price carefully.

The coin has registered a trading volume of $259.000 in the last 24 hrs. The coin has been performing with the increasing trend in the market value. However, there is no live data available for the market capitalization of the coin.      

In terms of circulating supply, the coin is available with the total circulating supply of one quadrillion FLOKI tokens, of which the developers already burned 20% of the circulating supply. Each transaction of the token charges 5% as tax, and 5% goes to the LP pool automatically. 

Where to Buy Floki?

  • FLOKI coin is available for trading on limited exchanges.
  • Investors are required to sign-up with any trusted wallet, like UniSwap
  • Buy a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency like ETH or BTC using fiat currency
  • Go to the exchanges like PanCakeSwap and use contract address 0x47e10659f54fb21e7e3e0ef387ab6872fb46316b
  • Find the FLOKI token from the list and choose the amount you want to buy
  • Swap the BTC or ETH for FLOKI tokens
  • Store the tokens into your trusted digital wallet 


  1. Where to Buy Floki?
  2. FLOKI tokens are available for purchase on limited exchanges, including PanCakeSwap.
  3. What is the Contract Address of FLOKI?
  4. You may use the contract address 0x47e10659f54fb21e7e3e0ef387ab6872fb46316b to buy the token on PanCakeSwap.
  5. Where to Store the Token?
  6. Since it is an ERC-20 type token, you can store your purchased tokens on ETH supporting digital wallets. 


Since you are now aware of and get acquainted with the information on Where to Buy Floki, you must head towards buying the token as it is likely to record its all-time high, as per sources. If you are new to crypto investment, please ensure to learn about the Crypto Future before investing.   

Do you want to share anything about the price prediction of FLOKI ? Then, please share it in the comment section below.

8 Replies to “Where To Buy Floki (Nov 2021) Price, Contract Address”

  1. This is a Scam Token u can not sell it afterwards and one adress have about 99.9999..% of all Tokens.

  2. This is just crazy! Almost 18K people read this article and they put the money into this contract because you advertise the contract… now it seems that we can’t get the money out… How can we get it out???

    1. Hello Tenango! We appreciate that you have shared your concern. The information we have shared is absolutely based on the data available relevant. This is not any advertising platform. Hopefully if you consult with some genuine person who deals with them on regular basis, then it might be helpful to you. Thanks and stay safe.

  3. I THINK FLOKI IS A JOKE OF A BILLIONAIRE. He has throw away money people who trying to make a future and something to live off if they hit it big. But it’s just a joke to the mega rich

  4. People are in rush to get rich quickly. They don’t think twice before jumping in things they have any idea.
    I truly believe Elon Musk is manipulating part of the cripto market. I have bought a very good size of SHIBA, some CARDANO, ALGOUSD, XLM,BATUSD and DOGECOIN for the long term.
    Whether they go up or down I am not selling them before five or three years. Period.

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