Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India 2021

Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India {May} Check The Detail!

Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India {May} Check The Detail!>> If you are looking for the platform to purchase the newly launched crypto-token, read our content.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a hot topic of news headlines because of the newly launched crypto token. All over India, token holders are looking for detailed information on the web. So, we thought of bringing down some necessary facts of Dubai Coin in front of you via today’s article. 

Getting the new crypto coin in the wallet grabs everyone’s attention, but we must prefer to know its price, supply, contract address, and other facts to get a profitable exchange. 

We will check if the coin is legit and will flash some light on knowing Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India? Stay tuned.

About Dubai Coin 

Dubai Coin or DBIX is a crypto token based on Arabian Chain technology. This advanced crypto token is centred on UAE, opening the potential of our future economy through the innovation of blockchain.

The Dubai crypto token is becoming very popular in the digital market. As per the recent updates, the coin has raised to 1000 per cent that too after the launch. 

The token is recently entered the crypto world, and many people are looking for the answer to Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India?

Scam Alert – Is the coin safe to be used?

Dubai Media Office has tweeted a post on its account sharing the important news about the Dubai Coin. According to it, the coin is not being approved by any authorised community, and the official portal providing the details of Dubai Coin is a phishing site that wants to know your personal information. 

When the token was launched at a genuine price of $0.17, it was listed by famous platforms like coin market cap and Binance exchange, but later on, they removed it. To understand the pricing in detail, read here.

Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India?

The coin is new in the market and is in controversy due to the latest tweet of the Dubai government. For now, major platforms are not allowing the exchange of Dubai Crypto Coin. Like all other crypto tokens, investors have to exchange bitcoins for getting this token. 

You can try using HitBTC or Cryptopia to perform your exchanges, but we suggest you know all details before purchasing it. Nevertheless, you might get some idea of the answer of Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India

Some crucial facts about the token

On glancing at the website, we learned some facts about the coin, which are as follows.

  • The coin will allow us to purchase goods and services via both online and offline mode.
  • The token will be circulated under the control of the government and trusted brokers. But the government has clarified its intention by posting the tweet.
  • Initially, the price of the token was $0.17, but within a period of 24 hours, the value of the token was raised to $1.13 For more information, you can read here.


Coming to the last section of the content, we have tried to answer Where To Buy Dubai Coin In India? Of course, you can visit the above-mentioned platforms for your ease, but we want you to check every single detail before putting your money into it. 

Are you planning to get this crypto token? Share your thought in the comment box.

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