Where To Buy Dbix Coin (May 2021) Chart, How to Buy

Where To Buy Dbix Coin (May 2021) Chart, How to Buy?

Where To Buy Dbix Coin (May 2021) Chart, How to Buy? >> A helpful guide for Crypto investors to learn about the methods for buying the new Crypto Coin.

DubaiCoin or DBIXCoin is the city’s cryptocurrency, as per some reports. The coin is traded with the ticker symbol DBIX coin, and it uses the famous proof of work and Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm for mining new coins like BTC mining. 

The coin is available for purchase on the majority of crypto exchanges. But, there are some criteria that investors have to fulfill to trade in DBIXCoin. 

Investors in India, United Arab Emirates, and the United States are attracted to the city’s Cryptocurrency and want to buy the coin for long-term profits. So, below is the guide on How and Where to Buy Dbix Coin.

What is Dbix Coin?

Dbix is the ticker symbol of the newly launched Cryptocurrency, DubaiCoin. Arabianchain Technology launched Cryptocurrency, the famous UAE-based company, focused on developing decentralized, public blockchain for generating dApps and Smart Contracts. 

However, Dubai Electronic Security Center or DESC confirmed that Dubai Coin is the digital currency that is not approved or sanctioned by the official body, and hence the website promoting the coin is not licensed.

When is Dbix Coin Founded and by Whom?

Dbix Coin was founded on 3rd Marchw 2018, and the company behind the crypto coin is Arabianchain Technology. The company claims that Dbix Coin is the first of its kind public blockchain-based crypto in the country. But, first, let us find out where and how to Dbix Coin Buy In India.

What is the Market Cap and Supply of Dbix Coin?

The Dbix Coin was traded at $0.17 when it was launched, and the coin’s market value increased to $1.13 in May. One can generate Dbix Coin via mining, and the present supply of the coin is 4,263,172.051.

The last known price of the crypto coin is $0.040007, and it is estimated to rise to 2.10% in 24 hrs. The coin is presently traded on one active market with the market cap of $439.59 in the last 24 hrs. 

Where to Buy Dbix Coin – Know the Exchanges

As mentioned, Dbix Coin is available for purchase on multiple exchanges, including the following exchanges:

  • Cryptopia
  • Livecoin
  • Bittrex
  • HitBTC Exchange
  • Coinsquare  

How to Buy Dbix Coin?

You have to follow the steps below to buy Dbix Coin.

  • Go to any of the abovementioned exchanges
  • Click on “Buy DubaiCoin (Dbix)” at the exchange
  • You will get redirected to the exchange
  • Signup if you don’t have a trading account with the exchange
  • From the list above, you have to choose Where to Buy Dbix Coin depending upon the exchange that accepts fiat currency for exchanges
  • Ensure the exchange support fiat currency, BTC, or ETH
  • Deposit the fiat currency it accepts and exchange them for Dbix Coin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – Who is the Owner of Dbix Coin?

A – Arabianchain Technology is the company that founded the DubaiCoin or Dbix.

Q – What is the Market Cap of Dbix Coin?

A – The present market cap of the coin is $0.010007.

Q – What is the Contract Address of Dbix Coin?

A – The contract address of the coin is 0x9276793825e35e0ee2a2b887b17f98d0e6206daa. 


Hopefully, it is clear now how and where Dbix Coin Buy In India. But, investors interested in holding the Dbix Coin need to have Galaxy Wallet, the native wallet to store Dbix coinsPlease click here to learn about the best apps for crypto trading.  

Do you hold the Dbix Coin? Where you bought the coin? Please share it in the comments section below. 

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