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When Will The Bills Bengals Game Resume: Check If Any Update Available

We will discuss When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume, what happened on the field, and the recent updates in the news.

Do you take an interest in NFL games? Are you aware of the latest news from the league? What happened during the last game between the Bills and the Bengals? Why do people across Canada and the United States wait for games to resume?

People want information like when the games were postponed and the recent update in the game. So let us discuss it in When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume.


What is the latest news?

After the game halted between Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, people eagerly wanted to know when is the game resuming and the health condition of Damar Hamlin.

As per the latest announcement by the league on Tuesday, the game will not resume this week. However, no decision has been made yet for further dates. Therefore, we also cannot say the possibility of resuming the game.

What happened on the field during the game?

After a defensive tackle on Tee Higgins of the Bengals, 24-year-old Hamlin collapsed at 8:55 p.m. ET. Hamlin stood up and advanced a little distance before falling. Due to this reason, people are searching for When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume.

On the spot for more than nine minutes, the medical team treated Hamlin while performing CPR and other treatments to save his life. According to Bill’s statement, he was brought to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center around 9:25 p.m. He is still receiving intensive care and is classified in a critical condition. However, as per yesterday’s update, “his heartbeat was restored on the field.”

What was people’s reaction to this?

After seeing the player collapsing, people wondered what had happened to him. Later, as they see Damar Hamlin on a stretcher, some cry and others pray. Some people wanted him to get well soon and console each other.

When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume?

On that day, the game was temporarily halted for thirty minutes, and later, a decision was made to postpone. Other players were emotional after seeing Hamlin’s condition and said they could not continue in such a condition. Then, the decision to postpone the game was finally taken.

The Bengals (11-4) and Bills (12-3) are competing for the top AFC seed. However, both teams have already clinched postseason spots, while Buffalo has already won the AFC East.

There is no proper information on When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume, and we cannot say the dates. However, we pray for the speedy recovery of Hamlin and wait for the next date announcement. We will update you on the same page as we get any information.


We have discussed why the last NFL games between Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals cannot resume this week. Also, we have tried to cover what happened on that day in brief. You can read information about National Football League here.

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When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume- FAQs

Q1. Is the game cancelled?

The game was cancelled for Monday and postponed seeing the player’s condition.

Q2. What happened at the Bills-Bengals game?

One of the players collapsed on the ground while playing with his opponent. 

Q3. Who is Damar Hamlin?

American football safety Damar Romeyelle Hamlin is 24 years old and plays for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills. 

Q4. How is his health condition now?

He is in the intensive care unit in critical condition now in hospital after a cardiac arrest on Monday.

Q5. When Will the Bills Bengals Game Resume?

The game will resume but the date is not known yet.

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