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Whatsapp Block Button Scam : Explore Detailed Reviews Here

We bring to you the truth about a second variant of WhatsApp messages in this Reviews of Whatsapp Block Button Scam to learn how smart scammers are!

Did you receive WhatsApp message with contact details in Singapore? Did you try blocking the message by pressing block button but were unable to do so? Did you block the number for WhatsApp messages from the message screen? Let’s explore shocking reality in this Reviews of Whatsapp Block Button Scam.

About Whatsapp Block Button Scam:

A second variant of the WhatsApp scam featured in Singapore (SAR China) approximately at the beginning of October/2023. The scam was initially exposed on by @11.11., who is a Supremacy Member achieving a high level of participation and reputation on the forum. 

@11.11. posted about the WhatsApp Block Button fraud on 4th/October/2023, explaining that the Block button in the message imports a .apk file to steal credentials for transferring money out of the user’s bank account. With the message, it can be understood that such a WhatsApp Block Button message aims to target Android users, as the .apk file will not work on iOS or Windows mobile devices.

Whatsapp Block Button Reviews:

A second alert about WhatsApp Block Button fraud was posted on 19th/October/2023 by @richmumpoordad Supremacy Member with a screenshot of the WhatsApp message. @richmumpoordad explained that such messages can be blocked from WhatsApp menu options only. @richmumpoordad inquired if anyone had received the same message and got scammed.

The screenshot posted by @richmumpoordad shows that the scammer had sent the message from +91-93983-99226. The message was not in text format; instead, it was an image with high-end animation to give the impression of a WhatsApp text message. The image included the contact number 93983-99226 with a fake descriptive name – Adhussajn, a Block and an Add To Contact button.

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Whatsapp Block Button Scam analysis:

The Block and an Add To Contact buttons were part of the image and not native to the WhatsApp user interface. The users who received the message thought that they could block the message by pressing the Block button. But, as it was part of the image, it didn’t take the users to block the screen!

WhatsApp does not support hyperlinking images (or) hiding a hyperlink behind an image. Hence, the speculation about a .apk file getting imported without user notification is false. It is a havoc created unintentionally. 

Whatsapp Block Button Reviews of previous incidents:

Similarly, the first variant of WhatsApp messages was circulated during the Morocco earthquake on 8th/September/2023, which trended as – Seismic Waves Card Scam, but later turned out to be havoc.

Whatsapp Block Button, a havoc:

  1. WhatsApp Block Button message is a havoc as WhatsApp’s API, which allows other apps to communicate and import data, is highly secure and un-editable. 
  2. WhatsApp didn’t feature hyperlinking images as it will consume more data and tamper user experience as WhatsApp was NOT meant to share and navigate web content (or) import applications! 
  3. As the WhatsApp platform is meant to share multimedia and text messages, it doesn’t supports the Whatsapp Block Button Scam which speculates hyperlinking images, as they could result in malicious links getting spread on its platform.

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The WhatsApp Block Button contact number was related to – Sima Naaz, using a JIO service provider from Andhra Pradesh, India. Hence, it is anticipated that WhatsApp message aims to make Singaporeans eager/curious to connect with Sima. It could also be a revenge attempt to harass/torment Sima! Therefore, the intention of the WhatsApp message remains unclear as the message was sent from Sima’s contact number!

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