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Many of you have heard that ‘The View’ host Whoopi has been suspended from the show for two weeks. The news channel websites from different countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are flushed with headlines What Did Whoopi Say About The Holocaust?”

In this article, we will discuss all the details about the whole matter.

Who is Whoopi?

Whoopi’s full name is Whoopi Goldberg. She is a host on the famous American television talk show ‘The View’. In the recent episode, there was a discussion about the ban of ‘Maus’novel in a school. The novel is based on World war ll Nazi death. The novel basically centres on the Holocaust.

The school omitted the novel because, according to them, the novel has inappropriate content for 13 yeara old children as it depicts suicidal acts and profanity. During the discussion, Whoopi has stated something that is not liked by the public. Let’s know What Did Whoopi Say About The Holocaust?

What is the matter about?

Whoopi Goldberg got suspended from Abc news for two weeks. Whoopi is a host on ‘The View’, a talk show on ABC news. In an episode of ‘The Talk’, she passed some hurtful comments, due to which the president of the channel Kim Godwin has said in a statement on Tuesday that she has given time to Whoopi Goldberg to learn and understand the impact of her comments.

The Holocaust topic was in discussion as a school Tennessee board has evicted a graphic novel, ‘Maus’, which centred on the Holocaust. During the discussion, Whoopi said something that came out hurtful to the public.

What Did Whoopi Say About The Holocaust?

‘The view’ host was suspended after passing a hurtful comment on Holocaust by saying that ‘Holocaust not about race’. She apologized by clarifying that she said, “Holocaust not about race, but it is about the man’s inhumanity to another man, I should have stated that it’s about both”.

 Furthermore, she writes that Jonathan Greenblatt shared ‘ The Holocaust was about Jewish people’s Systematic annihilation- which they deemed in an inferior race. Moreover, she added that she always supported Jewish people around the world. According to our research on What Did Whoopi Say About The Holocaust, she apologized by saying sorry for the hurtful comment she caused.


Whoopi passed a statement concerning the ban of ‘Maus’ in school. The comment comes out to be hurtful to the majority, for which she has apologised. Whoopi will not be hosting the show for a further two weeks as she got suspended. The channel president has given her time to understand whatever happened. To know more about Whoopi’s views on Holocaust, visit this link.

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