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What Did Kathy Say About Kyle 2022 {April} Know Remarks!

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Hello, readers; we have an exciting topic today for the fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s discuss the matter. 

Dear readers, Do you know What Did Kathy Say About Kyle 2022? Do you know who Kathy is? And why is she in the news?

The broken relationship between the two siblings has gained the limelight again. People are discussing it Worldwide because of the season-12 of RHOBH teaser in which Kyle is crying and saying something like – ‘Sometimes, I feel you hate me’.

Who is Kathy?

Kathy, 63 years old, is a TV actress who also works as a designer. She is famous for her act of helping others in need. She has two sisters, Kyle and Kim, stars of the reality show RHOBH.  

What Did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyle Richards?

On Thursday, a clip from the trailer of RHOBH Season 12, was shared with the fans of this show. Kyle is seen crying and confronting Kathy for what she said about her in that clip. However, it is still unclear to the audience what she said. 

We can only say that she made an inappropriate remark that hurt Kyle. It would be too early to say anything about the two sisters because we don’t know the real reason and talk. Though we can understand the sour relationship between Kathy and Kyle, we shall refrain from discussing What Did Kathy Say About Kyle 2022. 

The sources tell us that the previous fights have dragged this beautiful relationship to such an extent that Kyle didn’t attend her sister’s birthday party, which was organized on March 13, 2022. 

Reaction of Kyle about Birthday Controversy –

The 53-year-old star, on April 9, 2022, at the Kids’ Choice Awards, shared her reason for not attending the Birthday Party of her sister Kathy. She told the media that Kathy invited her, but she couldn’t go because of her busy schedule. 

Let’s see, ‘What Did Kathy Say About Kyle 2022’, said further. She added that my both sisters have different groups for parties and hangouts. This was just one birthday. We have five more birthdays in the line. 

Keep all the rumours aside, we should focus on the words uttered by Crystal that fights are normal in siblings. 


Q.1 What is the full name of Kathy?

A.1 The complete name of Kathy is Kathleen Elizabeth Hilton. 

Q.2 Where was she born?

A.2 She was born in New York in 1959.

The Final Verdict – 

The picture posted by the children of one sister shows that Kathy wasn’t there for family lunch. But it is clear What Did Kathy Say About Kyle 2022. For more information, check – Kathy Hilton wikipedia page

Have you watched the teaser of RHOBH? Please, comment your views with us.

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