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What Did Kanye Say Reddit: What Did Kanye Say About Adidas, Check Latest Kanye West Comments On Reddit, Also Know What Did Kanye Do 2022

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Recently Kayne west, also known as Ye, has been cut off by Adidas due to his anti-semitic comment. Kayne Yeezy’s collection has been one of the great successes of Adidas, but still, this behaviour is not tolerated according to them.

Have you heard of this news before? Do you know this news is circulating widely in Canada, Ireland, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom? Read this article about What Did Kanye Say Reddit till the end.


What was the statement by Kayne trending on reddit?

The statement of Kayne went viral on the internet on October 9, 2022. Kayne West made a post on Twitter which led to huge controversy all over the world soon after his show at the Paris Fashion Week on 3rd October, 2022. 

He posted an Anti-semitic comment which was later deleted by Twitter. Kayne’s hate speech for the Jewish people resulted in breaking partnerships with many renowned brands. Besides, during Parish Fashion Week, he wore a T-shirt mentioning controversial words, which also got controversial before Kanye West Comments Reddit. 

Has Adidas ended partnership with Kayne West?

Adidas, World’s second-largest German sportswear brand famous for its trendy and good-quality outfits, has cut off its partnership with rapper Kayne West, also known as Ye, as he has made an antisemitic comment. The company has deeply condemned Mr. West’s remark and stated that the company will never tolerate such comments. 

The company has mentioned that Ye’s recent speech and his action is unacceptable. His hateful speech has hurt a particular community and mutual respect & mankind. Kanye West Comments Reddit and other social media portals have violated the company rules as well as the company’s value. 

As soon as Adidas turned down the partnership with Kayne, his statement was trending over reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms. Many videos and memes of Kayne West have been shared over reddit about Adidas cutting ties with him. It was stated that Kayne west net worth would be affected a lot without Adidas, and he would suffer a loss.

What action did twitter take?

Once Kayne’s hateful speech went viral on Twitter, the company removed his speech and blocked his account. 

You can see Kanye West Comments Reddit and his statement made about Adidas on the video on reddit, in which it can be seen how he said before that Adidas couldn’t cut him off and never leave his partnership. Still, recently it happened, due to which this video is circulating all over reddit. 

You can check this in which adidas have terminated him from partnership.

In this video, he has stated that he can say antisemitic things, but Adidas can’t drop him. He made this statement on 16 October 2022, and Adidas cut off its partnership with him on 25 October. This terminated partnership will cost Adidas a loss of about $650 million.

What Did Kanye Say Reddit– what did he do?

During a Paris fashion show, Kayne West legally changed his name to Ye last year and wore a t-shirt stating, “white lives matter”. This has raged people but still, out of no guilt, he says he can be antisemitic, but Adidas won’t terminate him.

Is it the only thing west did? No, it is not the only thing done by the rapper. As per sources, he has made statements that’s not good about Jewish people and vowed: “ death con 3” on the Jewish community. He didn’t stop here. Kayne also shares a screenshot in which he was conversing with Diddy.

 People ask What Did Kanye Do 2022, so Ye or Kayne wrote that no one could influence him in any way, and he further said that the Jewish people sent diddy, but he won’t threaten them.

Did Kayne get terminated by Adidas only?

No, Kayne was not terminated by Adidas only but also by other big brands like Balenciaga, Vogue, and Gap. Also, it was said that he got banned from social media sites like Twitter and Instagram as he hasn’t spoken yet.

Check this link about What Did Kanye Say Reddit about BalenciagaHe commented on Reddit that the company did not pay anything to him and hence he is not losing any amount due to the end of the partnership with Balenciaga. He also posted a YouTube link where he mentioned that he felt free after breaking the tie-up with Balenciaga. 

As per sources, instead of all controversies, Kayne didn’t step back and kept on saying statements. Not only did he target Adidas, but he also said about Balenciaga that he wouldn’t lose any money and would feel free if he was taken off from Balenciaga. Further, he stated that he was not going anywhere from here, mentioning the company Balenciaga.

Additional information:

  • Kayne West legally changed his name to Ye last year.
  • As per sources, Kayne West’s statement terminated him from many famous brands, resulting in his net worth loss.
  • Adidas have to suffer a major loss of $650 million due to him, but still, they do as it regulates their policy.

Note: All details collected from web.


Well, we have made thorough research and we have also mentioned the reasons why many companies have ended partnership with Kayne West. Readers will find that Ye, has been terminated from Adidas and many other brands, which was trending over reddit. You can read this article until the end to know What Did Kanye Say About Adidas. 

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What Did Kanye Say About Adidas -FAQ:

Q1. Who is Kayne West?

Kayne West is a renowned American Rapper. 

Q2. Which company had terminated him?

He was terminated from Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga, and vogue.

Q3. Did he get banned?

It is not confirmed yet as he remains silent.

Q4. Did Adidas get affected by this?

Yes, Adidas suffers a major loss.

Q5. Will it affect Kayne’s net worth?

Yes. The hateful speech made by Kayne will effect his Net Worth.

Q6. When did he get banned from Adidas after What Did Kanye Say Reddit?

25 October 2022.

Q7. How much did Adidas lose?

 About $650 million.

Q8. What are other nicknames of Kanye West?

Besides Ye, Kayne West is also known as Yeezy, Yeezus. 

Q9. How many Grammy did Kayne West win?

Kayne West Won 21 Grammy Awards as of 2017. 

Q10. What is Kanye West’s full name?

Kayne West Full name is Kayne Omari West.

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