Whacked Crypto {June} Know The Information About It!

Whacked Crypto {June} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

Whacked Crypto {June} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction! >> Are you in search of cryptocurrency-related to John McAfee? Then read this article to know more.

People are curious to know every news related to cryptocurrency, which launches in ‘n’ numbers in the digital market. By cryptocurrency, many have earned huge money, and at the same time, many lost their assets.

Here in this writing, we will provide you with news about Whacked Crypto and why this news made people curious all over the United States.

We, Will, go deep and depth into this topic further before talking about American software developer John McAfee.

Who Is John McAfee?

Many of you might have heard about John McAfee. He is a well-known British computer programmer and a businessman who has released his Anti-virus software commercially in the year 1987. He was the founder of McAfee Associates, and later in the year 1994, he resigned, sold all his stake.

Let’s know more about Whacked Crypto news.

John McAfee’s wealth was around $100 million in 2007. After dropping McAfee associates, he was into many other businesses like yoga, cryptocurrency, smartphone apps. He was also in politics in the Libertarian Party in the nomination of president of the United States.

What Is Whacked Coin?

John McAfee was also in cryptocurrency and allegedly made $13 million by false cryptocurrency promotion and cheating investors.

John was tweeted in November 2019 and also in 2020 that if he died by ”Suicide” in future, that would be because he was ”Whacked”. Because of his false promotion on Crypto and his tweets, the news Whacked Crypto is in circulation.

Why John McAfee and Whacked Crypto Is In News?

According to sources, McAfee was 75 years old. He found dead due to suicide by hanging inside the prison cell near Barcelona, Spain. Many are shocked after knowing his death news.

Sources said he use to get threatening messages from American officials that they are going to kill him. Because of that, he got a tattoo on his right arm inked as ”Whacked” in 2019. In addition, he was charged with tax evasion and faced twenty years in prison as he did not pay tax returns in the year from 2014 to 2018.

Whacked Crypto is in the news because John McAfee also tweeted recently just before his death on his microblogging site that the country officials believe that he had hidden Crypto, but he didn’t, which was dissolved to many hands of the McAfee team and was evaporated by his friends and the rest of assets are all seized. So, he has nothing and nothing to regret.

When he was in prison, he also tweeted that John’s has friends there and food is good, everything is good, and if he hangs himself, it will be no fault of him. 

He was arrested on October 5th 2020, in Spain.

All his tweets raised many questions among people all over the country. To know more, click here:

Final Verdict: 

After discussing Whacked Crypto, we found that the news is about a famous American Software developer, cryptocurrency promoter and his death in Spain on June 23rd 2021. His death is by suicide by hanging in prison. Whacked Crypto is not a currency. So, have you heard John McAfee’s death news? If yes, do share your viewpoints with us in the comment box below.

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