Whackd Crypto {June} Know The Details About Token! 2021.

Whackd Crypto {June} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

Whackd Crypto {June} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction! >> Do you want to know the details of the cryptocurrency founded by John McAfee? Read the content here.

The death of John McAfee in the Spanish prison has left people curious about the cryptocurrency founded by him. So, we are here with today’s content presenting the details of the Whackd token.

The United States people are eager to know the controversy about the crypto token and the tweet shared before his death. Both are quite interlinked with each other. 

Let’s get to know the details of the founder of the Whackd Crypto and dig out the way to add this currency to the wallet. Stay tuned with us.

What is Whackd Token?

Whackd is a cryptocurrency made by John McAfee. It is not available to do major exchanges and earn profits. However, the official portal, McAfeeDEX, is providing access to the token. The website offers a decentralized network for free swapping. 

The launch of the token in the digital market was the way for McAfee to raise his voice on the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Details about the founder of the Whackd Crypto

John McAfee, the prominent figure in the tech sector, is well known for making antivirus software has founded the Whackd token. 

He did the announcement of the launch of the token through a tweet on 30th November 2019. Giving the brief details, McAfee mentioned that out of the total supply of one billion crypto tokens, 700 million would be airdropped.

The tweet made by John McAfee is becoming the hot topic of discussion as it is raising controversy about his death. If you want more details, then continue reading till the end.

Price Chart of the token

  • Price of Whackd Crypto – $0.00
  • Market cap – $0.00
  • Total supply – 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Holders – 75 addresses
  • Transfers- 293
  • Social Profile – Unavailable

Conspiracy Theory About the death of token’s founder

Living in prison in Barcelona, McAfee made the tweet that he has no intention of killing himself. But the breaking news of his death left the people stunned. However, the tweet posted was eight months back, and things might get changes over time.

All the major authorities consider the death of John McAfee, founder of Whackd Crypto, as a murder, but the actual reason is still unknown. 

23rd June 2021 was the day when McAfee was found dead in the Spanish prison. He was at the age of seventy-five.

How to buy the Whackd Coin?

USD, CAD, EUR, AUD are some of the currencies that we can use to exchange and sell to get Whackd coin. However, other bitcoins can also be used for exchange. The beginners might face some issues in purchasing the currency from the official site, but the low fee will surely attract investors.

The token is based on the Ethereum network, so one can easily store it in any wallet. The Whackd Crypto is compatible with Metamask and other Ethereum based wallets too. 

You might be well-known with some unofficial wallets like Trezor, which can also hold the Whackd, but we suggest you connect trustworthy wallets to the account for long-term usage and safety, which you can see in best crypto app 2021.

If you are curious to get some more details of the token, do watch the YouTube video, whose link is shared below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of the token?


  • Is the token got holders?

The token has got 75 addresses. Moreover, to know the feedback, you can check out the comments available on Reddit.

  • Is John Mcafee, the founder of the token alive?

The founder died on Wednesday in the prison of Spain.


Whackd Crypto is not active on any social profiles, but the death of its founder has raised the token’s popularity all around the globe. The low price and fair distribution is another factor that is attracting people towards this cryptocurrency.

What are your views about the Whackd token? Comment and share with us.

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