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Weyu Token Price (Aug 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Go through the details summed up in this article to know more about Weyu Token Price and other statistical analysis.

One of the widely accepted changes and a trend that is spreading like wildfire happens to be crypto. It is taking over people Worldwide with its immense opportunity, popularity and flexibility. 

People are fawning over how anyone could be part of crypto with the power of knowledge and technology. Maybe this growing interest of the people is why many ventures that previously may have been privy to the crypto world are now joining in on the race. So, without any more delay, let’s look into the new contender of the crypto world, Weyu Token, emphasizing the Weyu Token Price

All About the Token 

The new crypto token in town, Weyu Token, is a BEP20/SPL type of token. According to the website, it is the first Multi-Chain Platform Worldwide. The design of the token is specific and made, keeping in mind the NFT resale market. 

The crypto-token would help individuals to tokenize collectables items, music, property etc. The venture aims to make sure to put Non-Fungible-Tokens on the radar of the average internet user.

Founders of the Token

The official website of the token has all the information required. However, there was no mention of the founder of the venture. The website has a detail about the team that was behind this venture.

Weyu Token Price

The article’s emphasis has been the price mainly and all the crucial statistical data about the Weyu Token. Hence, we begin our research with the current price of the Weyu Token in the market, which is founded in 2021. 

According to the information available, the price is $0.00195396. We could gather more information once this crypto token is officially available.

Market Price and Other Statistical Analysis 

Regarding the market price, the available data is restricted; however, we still dug enough to get crucial data for the individuals to make their decision. The following are the statistical data on the Weyu Token Price in the market: 

  • The symbol for Weyu Token is found to be WEYU. 
  • The token research leads us to the maximum supply of the token in the market we found to be 5,000,000,000. 
  • According to the sources, we found the total supply of the crypto token to be 100,000 WEYU. 
  • The WEYU has a market supply of $195,396 at present. 
  • Even though the token is yet to be launched in the market, we found that the token has so far made 400 transfers. 
  • The research on Weyu Token Price also showed that the token has 53 holders. 

How to Buy?

As mentioned, the crypto token is yet to be launched in the market for individuals to purchase. However, there is good news for people who can’t wait to invest in the token. The team of the Weyu Token is doing an airdrop that started 09/08/2021. The step to be part of the airdrop are as follow:

  • Go to the official website and click “Connect wallet”. Once you clicked that, select the option “Solana”.
  • After that, try to connect your Sollet wallet and link your Telegram account. Also, make sure to submit your email address for Weyu Token Price.
  • This process will get you tickets. You can complete a task for extra tickets if you wish. 
  • According to sources, the team will give the total airdrop pool of 25,000,000 WEYU to the number of tickets a participant holds.


Q1. Is there any information about the contract address of the Weyu Token?
A1. Yes, the contract address is 0xFAfD4CB703B25CB22f43D017e7e0d75FEBc26743. 

Q2. What is the official website for the Weyu Token?
A2. The URL for the official website is https://weyu.io/. 

Q3. When is the Weyu Token available on the market?
A3. The date is not given yet, unfortunately. However, keep looking into the official website not to miss any updates. 


Therefore, in conclusion to the whole information gathered on Weyu Token Price it is safe to say that it is too early to predict anything. The token looks promising; however, the cryptocurrency world is evolving, and it will be interesting to note if the team of this new venture can keep up with the ups and downs of this industry. Therefore, we would suggest doing your research and wait before jumping to any decisions. 

Let us know in the comment section what you feel about this new Weyu Token? Read here if you are interested in finding What Is the Future Of Cryptocurrency In 2021

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