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Weddle Game Wordle {April 2022) The Latest Version!

Everything you want to know about Weddle Game Wordle is available in this article. Rules are also mentioned for your help.

Do you play Wordle? Sometimes you might be thinking of playing Wordle with some sports game. In Recent days Wordle has come up with many variants. Like that, the New York Times created a new Wordle game related to the NFL. 

Wordle is commonly played in countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia. Wordle has the highest player base as there are millions of people playing Wordle daily. We will help you understand what Weddle Game Wordle is. 

What is Weddle Wordle?

Like other Wordles, Weddle is also played by guessing the name of an NFL player. However, in Weddle, we get 8 chances to guess the correct name of the NFL player. In this Wordle, you’ll be provided with some hints, and looking at those hints you have to guess the correct name of the player that fits in all the categories.

There will be many things given as hints like the club name, team name, players’ positions, etc. You have to figure out the player’s name by the given details, and you’ll get points.

Weddle Wordle Game. 

This game is an NFL-based game for sports lovers. There were many kinds of Wordle but a massive crowd of sports fans are loving it. So NYT created a new kind of Wordle which is very impressive and gathers the sports audience. 

Weddle is also provided with eight boxes in which you have to fill either the player’s name or, if you have the player’s name as a hint, you have to get the player’s position or name of the team. You can play this game online one time a day.

Perks and Rules to play Weddle Game Wordle.

You can play this game online daily. For every correct answer, you will be rewarded with some points. These points help you to achieve a higher position on the leaderboard. Some basic rules to play Weddle are: 

  • You have to guess the player’s name for few tries as possible.
  • If you can guess the player’s name, correct the box to turn green.
  • But in case the name is correct, but the placement is in the different boxes, then it turns yellow.
  • In the Weddle Wordle Game, for the height, weight, and age box yellow color denotes that you have written the correct answer within those two.


Weddle has a huge fan base as most Football fans love playing this game. You can invest your time to get the highest score on the leaderboard. Also, it gets refreshed daily.

Do you like this game? Write down your comments and feedback regarding this game. That might also help some others to show interest in Weddle Game Wordle. For more info check out Wordle NFL Version.

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