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Waterdogs Motorcycle Club: Why Is Bandidos Motorcycle Club Gang Trending? Reveal Facts Now!

Waterdogs Motorcycle Club write-up has summarized a deadly shootout that erupted on Friday during Motorcycle’s annual event.

Are you searching for the latest report on a biker gang shootout that erupted during a Memorial Day Motorcycle rally? Is the Water Dogs biker gang responsible for the deadly shootout? The annual Motorcycle event became a battleground after two gangs clashed over a minor dispute. 

On Saturday, the deadly clash between the two gangs left three dead and five injured in Taos County, New Mexico. The New Mexico police were investing in the case and clarified that all dead and injured were from the biker gang. Waterdogs Motorcycle Club has more details on the clash that involved another Biker gang from the United States


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Red River Motorcycle Rally left 3 dead and six injured:

The New Mexico police chief came heavily on two biker gangs responsible for the 27th May 2023 shootout incident. During a press conference, the officer clarified that thousands of people from the country gathered for the annual motorcycle event that was ruined by two Biker gangs. 

According to the local police, two gangs fought over a minor issue, leaving three dead and six injured. The police have warned the outlaw bikers and stated that zero tolerance would be shown to even jaywalkers. 

Water Dogs Motorcycle Gang:

The Water Dogs came into existence in early 2000 and grabbed the attention of police with its illegal activities in recent times. The gang clashes with its rival, and some drug-related offenses got them noticed by enforcement agencies. 

Water Dogs Albuquerque chapter members got arrested in 2017 for dealing in firearms, stealing vehicles, and drug trafficking, which further cemented their position as a criminal organization. The gang is a lesser-known outlaw body when compared to other crime entities, but the police have termed them a potential threat to civilized society.

The Red River Shootout has brought the Waterdogs Motorcycle Gang into the limelight and associated it with criminal behavior and violent tendencies harmful to society.

What Caused the Fight between the Two Biker Gangs?  

The New Mexico police apologized to the public for the Saturday incident as people gathered to witness the Motorcycle event. The media report said the shooting erupted around 5 p.m. east of Red River on Main Street. A rival gang member took a group photo with another gang in Albuquerque a few days, raising tempers in the opposite gang.

The fight started with an exchange of heated words among the rival group, followed by running and chasing, resulting in a gunshot and death. 

Bandidos Motorcycle Club Member Dead and Injured:

Bandidos is a well-known outlaw motorcycle gang based in Houston, Texas, United States. The gang originated in the early 1960 and has chapters across 22 countries. With 2500 members and 303 chapters, the gang lost two of its men in a 27th May shootout. According to police chief Anthony Silva, 26, and Damian Breaux, 46, are Bandidos members from New Mexico that were killed in the shootout.

Matthew Jackson, 39, of Austin, Texas, and Christopher Garcia, 41, are wounded members of the gang that was taken into custody for the Saturday incident. 

Water Dogs Motorcycle Club Casualty in Saturday Shootout: 

The Water Dogs gang has also suffered some casualties in the Saturday evening shootout. The police chief said Jacob Castillo, 30, of New Mexico, a member of the Water Dogs, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Castillo was wounded in the incident and remained in a hospital on Sunday. Randy Sanchez, 46, of Albuquerque, a member of the Water Dogs, was also killed in the incident.

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Final verdict:

Mexico police are coordinating with the FBI, Federal Bureau of Alcohol, and State Police is investigating the 27th May shootout incident. 


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Waterdogs Motorcycle Club: FAQs

Q.1 Who founded the Bandidos motorcycle group?

Donald Chambers founded the Bandidos motorcycle group.

Q.2 How many members of the Bandidos gang moved to Mexico on Friday?

According to a Texas police report, around 400-500 biker gang members moved into Mexico on Friday.

Q.3 How many police members were assigned for the Red River Annual event?

Mexico police briefed that 32 police staff were assigned to the annual Motorcycle event. 

Q.4 What has Mexico police appealed to the public?

Mexico police have appealed to the public for witnesses and footage of the incident.

Q.5 How does Waterdogs Motorcycle Gang function?

Waterdogs gang members’ most activities are done in secrecy within a closely knitted community.

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