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Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai CCTV: Latest Updates On The Program!

Learn more about the latest updates on the Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai CCTV program by the Thailand government.

Have you seen the flash flood videos online? Do you know about the city of Hat Yai, known for its tourism?

Hat Yai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand. In addition to that, this city has been suffering from endless flash floods. Thus, government officials have created the Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai Cctv program to give updates about the floods via a website. Let us dive into the article to learn more information about it.

Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai Cctv 

Hat Yai is one of the biggest cities in southern Thailand, which is highly known for its scenic beauty and rubber cultivation. However, the city has been suffering a lot from seasonal and flash floods because there is no proper drainage system for the rainwater to flow away due to urbanisation and deforestation.

Thus, the city is witnessing lots of flooding. To avoid that, the Thai government tied up with the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network to come up with the Watch Out for the Latest Flooding in Hat Yai programme, where surveillance CCTV cameras are installed on roads, river canals, and river passages to monitor its water level, and those measurements get uploaded on a website that is accessible to every Hat Yai resident. In this way, residents can alert themselves by viewing the updates from website. Moreover, those are satellite imagery technics so the measurement will be more accurate. 

Watch Out for the Latest Flooding in Hat Yai

As CCTV cameras are installed everywhere in the city, residents can easily track the water flow so that they can combat flash floods effectively. Moreover, anyone can watch the latest flooding happening in Hat Yai online with the help of a CCTV camera. Another advantage of this program is that warnings can be issued before 9 hours of flash floods, as we can measure the water levels of the rainfall and river basin.

Installing CCTV and its uses

Hat Yai is a place that is highly known for its tourism and agricultural activities. Thus, flooding is a massive hindrance to all its economic activities, so the need to Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai Cctv is essential. Specifically, Hat Yai City depends on rubber, timber, and palm cultivation. In this scenario, one flash flood can ultimately affect the harvesting and cultivation of these crops. Thus, the need for installing CCTV and monitoring the water level became a necessity.

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Program to promote the Hat Yai livelihood

The Rockefeller Foundation tied up its hands with the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network to devise a plan to install CCTVs in the flooding region. This programme has also been installed in nine other cities in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai Cctv website is a website designed to view all the flooding updates in Hat Yai City. This website is owned and administered by the Southern Cities Network for Climate Change as part of the Rockefeller Foundation and the ACCCRN program. Every resident can get information about the data directly from this website.


Thus, the article discussed the best ways to deal with flood management. The Watch Out for Flooding in Hat Yai Cctv program helps millions of people with its state-of-the-art imagery technique to telecast every flood around Hat Yai City. It is an excellent initiative that the Thai government has taken. 

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