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New Viral Video Scandal 2023: How It Went Viral on TWITTER, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE, Telegram & Reddit Medias? Know Here!

This article provides information on the New Viral Video Scandal 2023 and tells different related facts to understand the situation.

Are you aware of the new viral video 2023, getting attention from different users? There’s a video circulating on the internet, and many readers from the Philippines and other countries want to know its whole story.



The article is based on information collected from trusted websites and articles. However, there are no images or videos are present in the article.

So, it’s time to look at the facts behind the New Viral Video Scandal 2023 and other necessary information.

Which Scandal Video Trending In 2023?

Recently, the viewers got their hands on a video in which four girls are performing an explicit action in which they are showing off their body parts. The footage leaked from their social media account and circulated on other platforms.

Viral on TWITTER– Is the video still available?

The links to the video are available on different platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, but if you are looking for the whole video, then you wouldn’t get it on these platforms. So instead, it would be best if you searched for different websites to get the full video.

All the girls present in the video seem young, like college students. By watching the video, it is clear that the girls are posting the video on TIKTOK to get fame and followers on their accounts.

Who are the girls in the video?

There’s no information about the girls, as all four girls’ identities are hidden. However, with their appearances and dress, they seem to be college girls from the Philippines or another Asian country.

Although, if there’s any update on the viral video information, we will edit the article accordingly for our readers. We are looking for links related to the images and videos on Reddit and other platforms.


Who are the girls in the video

What are the reactions of the girls to the video?

Well, there are no comments coming from anyone who is in the video regarding the video leak. Every reader wants to know their reaction and looks for more detailed information about the girls.

The video and images are inappropriate for a younger audience, present on YOUTUBE and other easily accessed platforms. However, on the other side, the viewers are surprised to see such explicit content, and the comment section gets filled with discussions from different countries’ users.

Are there any other similar incidents?

There was an incident last month about a journalist named Harun, whose video got viral with a girl named Olivia. The video got viral in different places, and people shared it on Telegram groups and other platforms.

In 2022, a Pinay viral video was in the limelight for a couple of months about a schoolboy and a girl making love.

Social media links-

Final words

The video is getting the attention of many viewers, but many social media platforms are also taking down the videos. It is because of the explicit and sensitive content. So, it would be best for the younger audience to avoid these kinds of content. 

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New Viral Video Scandal 2023– FAQs

1: What are the names of the 4 girls?

A: No information is mentioned about the name and identity of the girls,

2: Where was the 4 Pinay videos first uploaded?

A: It was first uploaded on TikTok and Twitter platforms.

3: Are the links to the video available on Instagram?

A: We cannot say anything about it at this point.

4: Is posting mature videos on social media legal?

A: No, posting such videos will get you in legal trouble.

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