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[Watch Full] Rina Palenkova Photo Head: Is The Train Death Video Went Viral on TWITTER Accessible On Reddit, Telegram & TikTok Media? Checkout Details Here!

The article gives an insight of the deadly Blue Whale game challenge and talks about the Rina Palenkova Photo Head incident that resulted in Rina taking her life.

Have you heard of the Blue Whale game incident? Internet users are discussing the incident in 2015 with Rina Palenkova, where they found her beheaded on the railway tracks. The sudden rise of the incident has increased the eagerness among people Worldwide.

The pictures and videos of Rina, which she recorded, have brought people into a state of shock. We will describe the event Rina Palenkova Photo Head in this article. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: All the information provided here is true and is extracted from authentic and genuine sources.

What was present in the photo?

In the viral picture, we can find Rina lying on the tracks with her decapitated head, and it was not a suicide or an accident but a clear case of the Blue Whale game. Rina’s case was the first case of death related to the game.

The game consists of fifty tasks, and she was the first person to complete all those fifty tasks. Rina lost her life completing the tasks and died on the railway tracks near her home.

Is the news Viral on TWITTER?

The incident happened in 2015, but now, many discussions have arisen, and we do not know how it happened. But the incident is grabbing people’s attention, and they can be seen actively participating in the Twitter discussion.

People are eager to know the case’s details, especially those unaware of the incident in 2015.

RIna Is the news Viral on TWITTER

What does the Train Video depict?

Rina’s video, now taken down from many public platforms, portrayed that she recorded her video while on the railway tracks. It is believed that this incident was a part of the game that asked the person to take her life in the manner described by the game.

It is requested that people of all age groups, especially youngsters, should remain away from the challenges and the game.

Did Rina record her Death Video?

Rina recorded her whole death incident through her phone and circulated it, as was asked by the game. The officials thought she might have taken her life due to a personal problem, but then they learned about the Blue Whale game.

After Rina’s case, many deaths occurred between the age group of thirteen years to nineteen years. 

Last Photos of Rina Viral on Reddit

Many last images circulated on Reddit before she took her life. The content shown on Reddit is eighteen-plus content, and the platform asks the users whether they are above eighteen years of age and then allows them to view the pictures. 

In one of her pictures, people can see her finger drenched in blood. The event showcases that she must have done some tasks asked by the game and asked her to post them on social media.

Did the users find the video on TikTok?

The Blue Whale game asked the users to post everything they did on social media. People initially ignored Rina’s activities, and after she took her life, they came to know about the whole event and why she was posting the pictures. 

We did not find any links that directed us to TikTok related to the video. We do not think such pictures might have been posted due to a violation of the terms and conditions of the platform.

Rina Did the users find the video on TikTok

Circulation of photos and videos on Telegram

Recently, we found nothing posted on Telegram related to Rina Palenkova. If done so, it might have been posted in some private groups or channels but not openly. We did not find anything related to her on Telegram, and the videos are still not on public platforms.

Social media links


We condemn people from participating in the Blue Whale game challenge, especially the youngsters who seem driven by the game. One can know the details of the incident on the internet and go through the forums. What are your thoughts on the event? Comment below.

Rina Palenkova Photo Head-FAQs

  1. Who is Rina Palenkova?

A Russian girl lost her life in the Blue Whale game.

  1. How old was Rina?

Seventeen years.

  1. Where did the officials find her?

They found her dead on the railway tracks.

  1. When did she die?

Rina died on November 23, 2015.

  1. Where can we find her video?

We cannot find her video as it is banned.

  1. What is the Blue Whale challenge?

A game that asks users to complete fifty deadly tasks.

  1. Where was Rina from?


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