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Was George Maharis Married: Who Was George Maharis? What Is His Cause of Death? Also Explore His Full Wikipedia Details Along With Net Worth

The article explains Maharis and his details, along with the cause of his death. People can gather details about George by reading the Was George Maharis Married.

Did you know about George? Is he married? Do you think he is LGBTQ? When did George pass away? Do you know the reason for his death? George is a popular actor and he is from the United States. Did you find any details about the popular actor? If not, go through the below article to know more about Was George Maharis Married.


Who was George Maharis?

George was born on September 1, 1928. The Maharis family has a large number of members. George was one of the seven children of Greek immigrants Vasidos Maharis and Demetra Strains. He is the youngest of seven children. During his father’s time on Long Island, George owned three restaurants. Maharis’ father’s business couldn’t profit, so he and his siblings grew up impoverished. George’s mother worked hard to support the family. Robert, his brother, was also an actor. Net Worth details were in the article.


American actor, musician, and artist George played Buz Murdock in the initial three seasons of the show Route 66. At the top of his career, Maharis also released several pop music CDs. He eventually appeared in the TV show The Most Deadly Game.

When Maharis stepped away from acting roles, he began performing in nightclubs and painting impressions. Several albums and singles were released through Epic Records earlier in his career.

Maharis has struggled with being Gay in the past. His sex with men in restrooms was arrested twice in 1967 and 1974. Apart from these facts, nothing else has been revealed about Maharis’ personal life. Despite being highly private, he has never disclosed if he is married, or is a single individual.

George Shows and stage performances.

Before making appearances in the Off-Broadway projects of The Zoo Story and Deathwatch, Maharis served for 18 years in the US Marine Corps. His more stage performances include those from the Search for Tomorrow soap operas Naked City, Exodus, Goodyear Television Playhouse, and Naked City. 

Maharis made history by modeling in full naked for Playgirl magazines on July 1973 problem. There are many television credits under his belt including Mission: The Bionic Woman, Impossible, Fantasy Island, McMillan & Wife, Doppelganger, Cannon, The Master, The Sword and the Sorcerer.

George was a hard worker. He used to work six days a week, which can even extend to the seventh day based on schedules and work. 


  • Name: George Maharis
  • Born on: September 1, 1928
  • Age: 94 years
  • Place of Birth: Astoria, Queens, New York
  • Died on: May 24, 2023
  • Died in: Beverly Hills, California
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Parents: Vasidos Maharis and Demetra Stranis
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Marital status: Single
  • Siblings: six
  • Career: Actor and Musician

Due to health issues, George could not work for a few years. After that, he started working, and he got chances to perform.

Cause of Death

Maharis is a handsome actor known for traveling nationwide in a Corvette convertible in the popular 1960s television series Route 66. He passed away on May 24 at his Beverly Hills, California, home. George was 94. According to his friend and carer, Marc Bahan, the cause of the death was hepatitis-related complications. 

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As per online sources, George Maharis passed away on May 24, 2023, in their Beverly Hills home. George was 94 years when he died. The reason for the death was he had complications from hepatitis. Marc Bahan and the fried of George stated the reason in the report. Get more information about George online.

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Was George Maharis Married- FAQ        

Q1. When did Maharis lose his life?

Maharis passed away on May 24, 2023, in Beverly Hills.

Q2. What was Maharis’s age?

Maharis’s age was 94 years.

Q3. What was the cause of the death?

The cause of the death was he had complications from hepatitis that led to death.

Q4. Did George leave Route 66?

Because of the demanding schedule and difficult conditions while filming on location, Maharis left Route 66 for medical reasons.

Q5. What was the name of George Maharis’s wife?

It was not clear whether he was married. The details of the wife were unknown.

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