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Wanaka Farm Token (Aug) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This article shares information about Wanaka Farm Token & informs all the information that a person should know about the cryptocurrency before investing.

Are you looking for investment cryptos that can give you better returns in the future? Do you want to buy trusted cryptos but couldn’t know which one to trust? Cryptocurrency is getting recognized in many parts of the world like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Brazil, and many more countries. 

This article will discuss the Wanaka Farm Token and tell you all the necessary things about this token like prediction, price chart, etc. So, let’s get started. 

What is Wanaka Farm?

Wanaka Farm is an NFT game that deals in the cryptocurrency known as Wanaka Farm Coin. You can use this coin as a game currency, or you can use it to trade the cryptocurrency in the crypto market. In this game, the player has to renovate their area and build houses, complexes, etc. 

They can exchange their area to another player so that they can earn some Wanaka Farm Token. With the token, you can buy seeds, farms, crops to earn more tokens. 

Who is the founder of Wanaka Farm?

The founder and the CEO of Wanaka farm is Truong Tran, with co-founder Thuan Nguyen and other partners responsible for the success of this cryptocurrency and NFT game. The Blockchain developer of this game is Tien Tran. 

Wanaka farm coin price chart

  • Price- $0.8408
  • 24H low- $0.6807
  • 24H high- $1.00
  • Trading volume- $7,498,704.14
  • Market Rank- #2689

Wanaka token market supply

  • Total supply- 1,000,000,000,000
  • Holders- 882 
  • Transfers- 1,097
  • Contract address- 0x339C72829AB7DD45C3C52f965E7ABe358dd8761E

Wanaka Farm Token price prediction

For an investor, it is very important to know the forecast of the cryptocoin. In the case of the Wanaka Farm coin, here are the details our research team has gathered about it. 

  • According to the trusted website and analysis, the price of the Wanaka token will rise in the future. 
  • It will reach $2 in 2024, keep rising, and reach around $3.27 in 2027.
  • In 2028, the price of the Wanaka farm coin will be $3.62, and maybe it will keep on rising.

Should investors trust Wanaka Coin?

After looking at the market condition and price prediction of the Wanaka Farm Token, it is safe to say that it is a good choice for investors to invest their money. People can trust this cryptocoin as it is easy to get, and also, in the future, you can get better returns. 

How to get Wanaka farm coin?

You can get his coin by playing and completing the task of the Wanaka Farm game. The coin will get transferred into your digital wallet. The other way is to buy the coins from trusted and established exchange websites like PancakeSwap, or binance. 

You need to enter the token’s contract address, and you will get all the information regarding the Wanaka Farm Token. Select the amount and click on the swap option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: Who is the founder of Wanaka Farm?

A: The founder of the Wanaka Farm game and token is Truong Tran. You can check this link to know the names of the member of the team of Wanaka Farm Coin 

Question2: What is the market rank of Wanaka Farm coin?

A: The market rank of Wanaka Farm coin is #2689

Final Verdict 

After gathering all the information about the Wanaka Token and its game, we can conclude that this token can rise in the future and provide better returns to investors. Wanaka Farm Token is easy to get and got many benefits in the game and outside the game. However, you need to check here for details on the next big cryptocurrency, 2021, before you start investing in cryptocurrencies. 

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