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Wanaka Farm To PHP (Sep 2021) Price, Contract Address

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So, today we will argue about a token named Wanaka Farm and the conversion of Wanaka Farm to PHP.

About Wanaka Farm (WANA)

Inspired by the South Island of New Zealand, Wanaka, this is an NFT blockchain-based game. In reality, Wanaka town is surrounded by natural beauties, including lakes, trees, mountains and forests. Similarly, this game includes a massive relaxing experience as much as possible. 

Furthermore, in this game, players will play the role of a farmer, cultivating their lands, decorating their area as per the desirability. You can also buy items for the shop to enhance the look of your land. 

After going into the fact, i.e., Wanaka Farm to PHP conversion, we scrutinize Wanaka’s owner details. 

Founder’s Information 

Upon researching, we have found that the CEO of this token is Troung Tran. Moreover, they have a team of professionals to carry out the procedures, which are differentiated into two compartments, namely:

  • ‘Executive and Development’ including Sang Nguyen and others, 
  • ‘Art’ includes Hung Dang and others.

Live Price of Wanaka Farm

For today, the price of WANA is USD 3.81, possessing a market rank of #2698. Furthermore, WANA has a 24-hour trading volume of USD 14,403,719; this will help us transform Wanaka Farm to PHP.

Market Volume and Other Statistical Data 

  • WANA’s fully diluted market is $1,947,775,296.
  • The market cap of this token is not available; however, the self-reported value is $82,455,822.
  • WANA’s 24 hours price change is $0.08686.
  • The market rank of WANA is #2698.
  • The all-time low of WANA is $0.6807.
  • Total supply of WANA is 500,000,000 WANA.
  • WANA’s 24th hour low is $3.15.
  • The 24th hour high of this token is $3.97.
  • The trading volume of WANA is $14,403,718.58.
  • WANA’S All-time high is $4.24. 

Wanaka Farm to PHP Conversion

WANA to the Philippines Peso conversion as of today is ₱177.67. 

1 WANA 177.67 PHP
2 WANA 355.34 PHP
5 WANA 888.3499999999999 PHP
10 WANA 1776.6999999999998 PHP
20 WANA 3553.3999999999996 PHP
30 WANA 5330.099999999999 PHP

How can Traders Worldwide Obtain WANA?

The tokens extracted from the WANA game are marketable and can be traded in WanaTrade and other platforms with other players. The players can also contribute to the conversion of Wanaka Farm to PHP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. What is the Official Website of Wanaka Farm (WANA)?

A1. https://wanakafarm.com is the official website of WANA.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of Wanaka Farm?

A2. The contract is 0x339C72829AB7DD45C3C52f965E7ABe358dd8761E.

Q3. How to buy this token?

A3. You can trade the token via WanaTrade or other exchanging platforms to earn a profit in the future. Visit here if you want to know more about this token.

The Final Verdict

With the help of this article, Wanaka Farm to PHP conversion, we have reviewed a popular game Wanaka, in which you have to build your land and decorate it as per the need. Moreover, this game is inspired by the lake of New Zealand’s neighbouring forests and lakes. 

Upon researching, we have found that the live price of this token is USD 3.81. Visit here, if you want to learn how to buy cryptocurrency

What are your thoughts on WANA? Let us know by commenting in the below section.

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