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Wam Crypto (December 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

To collect more details about the Wam Crypto, you can get all the knowledge in this writing.

Are you also willing to buy different crypto coins? Several crypto coins are available in the digital currency, but deciding which is the best crypto or which crypto will be more beneficial to trade is tough for fresh or experienced investors.

Here in this crypto writing, we simplify it to buy the crypto coin; the Wam Coin is popular in Romania, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Let us know about the price, statistics, and other important details of Wam Crypto in detail.

What is a Wam Coin?

This is crypto native to the Wam APP, and the crypto coin is a BEP-20 utility coin that is popular worldwide. Holders of the crypto coins will easily access the Wam app as well. 

The circulating supply of the crypto coin is not available, and the maximum supply of crypto is 1,000,000,000. The crypto coin is available on almost all exchanges.

Founders of The Wam Coin

Daniel Tamas is the founder or CEO of this Wam Crypto, along with the huge and experienced team working to make this crypto the best.

Today’s Price of The Coin

Today the price of the wam coin is $0.2568; the price of the crypto coin is 184.41% high in the last 24 hours, which makes it the right time to invest in it, but after exploring well.

Statistical Details of The Wam Coin

The statistics of the crypto will help you to know more about the coin:

  • Price change- $0.167
  • Price change percentage- 187.01%
  • 24low volume- $0.08931
  • 24high volume-$0.255 
  • Trading volume- $8,112,283.32
  • Trading volume percentage- 233.08%
  • Market rank of Wam Crypto – #2858
  • Fully diluted market cap- $254,036,841.65
  • Fully diluted market cap %- 184.41%

The statistics of the crypto changes with time, so keep an eye continuously on the coin price.

The Procedure to Buy

If, after seeing the price chart of the crypto coin, you also want to buy the crypto coin, you can follow this easy procedure:

  • Also, remember that the crypto coin is available for buying on DODO, BSC, Gate, i.o., and pancake swap. You can trade in this Wam Crypto on any official exchange.
  • To get the coin from Gate, i.o., you must go to the official URL of the website.
  • Now you can log in yourself or create your account on the website.
  • After this, you have to buy official crypto that can be Ethereum, Binance, Dogecoin, or Bitcoin.
  • Now exchange this crypto coin with the Wam coin.
  • You can save or store the wam coin in any hardware wallet and start trading in it.

After buying the coin you can trade in the coin from any official coin market website. 

FAQs on Wam Crypto

Q1. Mention the official URL of the crypto.

A1. The official URL to the crypto coin is https://wam.app/

Q2. What is today’s price of the crypto coin?’

A2. Today the price of the crypto coin is $0.2568.

Q3. Mention the contract address of the crypto coin.

A3. The contract address of the crypto coin is 0xebbaeff6217d22e7744394061d874015709b8141


After considering all the information about this crypto coin, we conclude that the price of the crypto coin is showing great performance; you can freely invest in the coin but ensure to research on from your side. You may learn here more about the coin.

What are your views about this crypto coin? Please don’t forget to share your views about the Wam Crypto in the comment section with us. Follow here to learn about the best crypto coins you can invest in 2022.

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