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Waka Sabadell Video Original: Curious To Know What Further Proceeded? Reveal Facts Here!

The below contains the facts and details for the young girl Waka Sabadell Video Original getting viral on different platforms.

Do you enjoy night clubs and dancing? If yes, then this news might shock you. People across the Worldwide react to this news when they know that a minor was assaulted in the club. The people asked about the whole incident and how the video went viral.

Thus, in this post, we have explained the entire incident and the video, which is getting viral on social media. To know the details of the incident, kindly read the Waka Sabadell Video Original post till last. 


Disclaimer: The entire information shared in the post is collected from information on the internet. Thus, we are not responsible or against any protection or promotion of any activity. 

What is in the Waka Sabadell viral Video?

Currently, a video is getting viral on social media in which a 16-year-old minor girl was assaulted at the Waka Sabadell nightclub. In this viral video, a young minor girl was doing fellatio on a boy in the middle of the dance floor.

As the video went viral on the internet, a young girl filed a complaint that she had some unethical experience in the same club.  

Further details of the Waka Sabadell Video Original

Soon after this video went viral, a young girl’s parents filed a complaint that she was assaulted in the Waka Sabadell nightclub last Friday. In the report, a girl said she asked for a drink in the club, but she didn’t remember anything after that.

According to the police, she didn’t remember anything about the incident. Moreover, her parents asked the police that the young girl’s pictures must stop getting viral. 

The young girl’s mother said that her girl felt guilty as soon as they realized that her pictures and video with the title Waka Sabadell Video Original were getting viral on the internet. Later on, they realized that it was an unethical activity. Moreover, her mother explained that she was submissive because she was lost.

When her parents filed that complaint, the police asked the disco to be inactive. However, the young girl’s mother criticized the incident and said no one had done anything to stop the situation. 

Government Action On Viral Video

When the incident came to light, The Minister for Equality and Feminism, Tania, shared a tweet in which he asked not to share the images and video of the girl. Further, he also said that recording and sharing sensitive content is a crime. 

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A young girl’s video was getting viral on the internet, which was recorded in the Waka Sabadell nightclub. Though the police have taken action and asked folk not to share sensitive content on the internet, it is a crime.

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Waka Sabadell Video Original- FAQs

Q1. Does the young girl know the boy she was in the viral video?

Ans. No, she didn’t know the boy who was in the video. 

Q2. Does the young girl claim that she was given drugs?  

Ans. No, on TV3, she said she didn’t remember anything after asking for a drink from the bar.

Q3. Has anyone got arrested in theWaka Sabadell Video Originalcase? 

Ans. No, no one has been arrested in this case yet. 

Q4. Is the police discontinuing Waka Sabadell nightclub?

Ans. Yes, the nightclub was discontinued after the video got viral on the internet. 

Q5. Does the nightclub take responsibility for the incident?

Ans. The nightclub hasn’t issued any statement after the incident came to light. 

Q6. Does the club staff make the video viral?

Ans. We have only limited information related to who made this video viral. 

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