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Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews: Explore The Legitimacy And Reviews Of Site

This research on Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews will guide the pet rescue website, Wagmor. Kindly read about its legitimacy here.

Are you a dog lover? Do you own any pets? Some people are close to their pets. Few people in the world are against cruelty to animals. In the United States, an organization that works for animals is trending. Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews will guide the readers on the working of the Wagmor Pets Shop. If you want to know the functioning, reviews, and other updates about Wagmor, kindly read it here. 


Reviews on Wagmore Shop! 

Wagmor site works to protect dogs. Their main motto is to stop cruelty against animals. They have been given mixed reviews on Facebook. It has been rated 4.5/5 ratings but some mixed reviews are there in which people did not support their functioning. Based on Google Review Summary, they have been given 2.3/5 reviews based on 19 reviews. People said that they do not respond after taking money.

The Legitimacy Based on Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews

It is very important to judge the online site based on its legitimacy. We have discussed some factors that will open the eyes of the users of this website. Please read it here.

  • Trust Index: A trust index of 100 on 100 has been found on the Wagmor site. It is an excellent count.
  • Phishing Score: There is hardly any presence of phishing score on the Wagmor shop. 
  • Malware Score: The score of malware has not been detected on the website.
  • Registration Date: May 7, 2020, is the creation date of the Wagmo store. The site looks three years old.
  • Reviews on Wagmor Shop: Many Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews are available on the official website. The mixed testimonials are also present on the online sites. 
  • Social Accounts: The website is present on Facebook with some mixed ratings of 4.5/5. 

DISCLAIMER: We have provided details based on in-depth research on the website. The site look popular, but the readers must understand the reviews and decide. We do not intend to comment on anyone’s work. 

What does the customer say on the website? 

We have seen many reviews on the official website and online sites. The customers did not find the website appealing due to some reasons. The Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews revealed the customer’s feedback. A customer wrote that they do not respond after taking money. A person wrote that he had bought a puppy and made the payment, but when he called them, they did not respond to him. Other users warned everyone not to waste any penny on this website as they are fake. So, everyone had mixed opinions on the website. You must trust the website only after checking these reviews as it will help you while dealing with them.


Wrapping up this post, we have found all the trustworthy details on this website. The website was founded three years ago and the trust index is also good. But, reviews on Wagmor show a different story. You should be alert while dealing with such sites.

Would you like to give your opinions on this website? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue site?

Ans. This website aims to protect animals like dogs and wants to make the world free from cruelty against animals. 

Q2. Is the website present on social media platforms? 

Ans. The site has a page on Facebook with around 4.5/5 ratings. In addition to this, they have many reviews shared by shoppers. However, some users also shared negative reviews.

Q3. How many ratings were given to this website on Google?

Ans. The website has been given 2.3/5 ratings on Google based on 19 reviews. 

Q4. Are there any negative Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue Reviews? 

Ans. Since there are mixed reviews on this website, the website has been given some negative reviews by users.

Q5. What is the lifespan of this website? 

Ans. The website was registered around three years ago. It was created on May 7, 2020.

Q6. Does the website has a phishing score or malware score?

Ans. After researching well on trustworthy sources, we found that the website does not have proximity to phishing or malware score.

Q7. What is the trust index on the Wagmor site?

Ans. It got 100 on the 100 trust index.

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