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Voxel Coin Price (December 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

The below post shares all the details of a coin and also Voxel Coin Price for your reference.

Role-playing games are gaining massive popularity worldwide, especially in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and India. Earning a crypto coin as a reward by playing a game is like cherry. Suppose you are a game lover and want to earn some money by playing a tactical game, then today’s topic will be of interest to you.

So keep reading the post until the end to get the essential details on Voxies Token, how to buy, and many information, including Voxel Coin Price.

What is Voxies Token?

Voxies is a roleplaying free 3D turn-based strategy game based on the Blockchain. It is similar to many other RPG games that Blockchain systematically handles. Here users can maintain different characters, and each of them indicates Voxies. 

Voxies have a native token traded with the ticker symbol VOXEL, which can be used in game currency. Voxel is helpful in various activities like buying different armor, weapons and game benefits. After completing each task, one can earn VOXEL as a reward. To know Voxel Coin Price make sure you read the entire post.

Who is the Founder of Voxies?

As per our research, Steven is the company’s founder and CEO, and Ash is the co-founder and CCO. Besides these two strong pillars, the firm is engaged with many efficient team members and has good knowledge and work experience in their core field.

To know more details, you can visit its official site. Now let us move on to the other important section of Voxies coin, which is required to know before trading.

Voxel Coin Price

The live Voxies price is $3.67 with a trading volume of $796,049,294 for 24 hours. In the past 24 hours, VOXEL has been up by 41.7%. VOXEL to USD price is updated in real-time. 

Voxel Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Cap: $181,621,083
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $1,097,261,954
  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Circulating Supply: 50,200,000.00 VOXEL
  • Max Supply: 300,000,000
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000
  • Trading Volume: $796,062,073
  • 24 hour high/24 hour low: $2.32 / $3.84
  • 7 days high/7 days low: $2.45 / $3.68
  • All-time high: $3.84 -4.6% (Dec 15, 2021)
  • All-time low: $2.32 57.8% (Dec 14, 2021)
  • Voxel Coin Price Change: No Data

How to Buy Voxel Coin?

Follow the simple yet effective method to buy Voxies token;

  • Suppose you are a new user first, install a Binance platform create an account, and complete the verification process. 
  • You can buy Crypto with various fiat currencies and choose the token you want to buy. 
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • And buy the coin. That’s it, you are done! Please make sure you check the Voxel Coin Price before trading it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Specify the official URL of Voxies?

A1. The official website of Voxies https://voxies.io/

Q2. Which is the current most used platform to exchange Voxel?

A2. Right now, Binance is the active exchange platform to purchase Voxel.

Q3. Is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes, it is mentioned on the Coinmarketcap


We have researched and brought you all the relevant information on Voxies coin, gaining immense attention worldwide. Suppose you plan to invest in this particular coin, then make sure to refer to multiple sources, understand it carefully, and check the current Voxel Coin Price.

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